Balance and Education Are The Key to Healthy Eating

This is a good article about how finding balance and being well informed are the key to healthy eating;

"If The Food Network decided to run a ticker on viewers’ screens with all the latest in food news, there’d be plenty for our eyes to take in these days.

The House of Representatives passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act in tandem with First Lady Michelle Obama shining a much-needed spotlight on what American children are eating at school and at home. Weight Watchers has revamped its point system and subsequently sent a significant portion of its membership into a tizzy. This, interestingly, coming on the heels of the story of a professor who ate Doritos and Oreos and such and lost 27 pounds because he wanted to see if focusing on counting calories worked without regard to nutritional value...."

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does this mean its all about the ammount u eat rather than what u eat then?

or are we to believe that we need to eat greens to obtain the elusive goal?

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

I think its meant to be that greens MUST be included in every meal...?

Absolutely! It really is all about what you eat in combination with with how much you eat. There has to be a balance and the food groups (as most of us were taught in grade school) should be included in our meals. I think somehow many families lost sight of that all together and it's all about the quick fix of fast foods and junk's just easy.

puppy and lilac

i put it to group that we should keep a chart so we could see what we feed our kids

based on the days answers we are in trouble

i fed my child mash hiding swede and sausages which she likes and she had pear for after basic meal for her

irene fed hers pork chop peas carrots mash and gravy and apple pie and custard

three of them fed theirs microwave chips and burgers cos its late when they get in

two had a sandwich one ham on chocolate spread and a few biscuits for tea

a couple more had takeaway and one has mushed baby food

so based on our own survey we are in trouble not cos we dont know but because its difficult to feed adult children who have limited food intake for various reasons

so i wondered how your group of friends would do in a snap survey of eating

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)