Been awhile since I checked in. One of the groups I’m in

Been awhile since I checked in. One of the groups I’m in on FB had posted a screenshot of somebody’s tinder profile and she had mentioned she had 6 kids all from different guys and how one had given her herpes. She explained some more things about what she was looking for. Blah blah bla. The over 100 comments that I read were all more flabbergasted about the amount of kids than the herpes. Only 1 comment mentioned herpes and that was to say the 6 kids were worse. This got me thinking about how the people I’ve told have been fantastic. They’ve accepted it, have never brought it up again, and none of them treat me any differently. It’s amazing.
On the flip side it has me considering how you can press criminal charges and sue somebody for giving it to you and wondering how that process goes because I’m totally pissed that my now ex gave it to me and didn’t care at all and then tried to blame me for giving it to him. Now, I always assumed I got it from him because I had tested clean previously and only had 1 other partner besides him. I highly doubt I got it from the other guy as he’s now dating my boss and she hasn’t said a peep (she would because I questioned who they came from and she asked me a bunch of questions about the testing). I was told by the Dr that tested me when I came up positive that the first outbreak typically happens within 10 days of exposure. I hate having the constant reminder of the ex but my breakouts are fewer and farther between without him in my life!

welcome back!
depending the group you roll with, the comments and/or stigma will vary. those who are of higher intelligence will support you and understand.

as for suing, it IS possible, but chances of proving are so hard, most won't take the case. many high profile people will just settle out of court and "Buy You Off".

my advice to you would be to cut the ties, and move ahead! the best revenge is being successful in your future endeavor!
always remember;
*** you don't need to be perfect to inspire others, let others be inspired by your imperfections ***

*** it's not what happens to you that matters. It's how you respond to what happens that makes the difference!***

i know you'll do what's right for you...

here's a link about suing:

I just found this

justme You can't compare having herpes2 to having a child. In the big scheme of life, herpes is very low on the devastation list. To me, FB is a place for thrill/attention getting seekers. This group is a place for more accurate information and to help you heal emotionally. What has helped me is understanding my trigger which is stress. Also, I've barely told anyone, especially friends. Now looking back, I'm so glad I never shared that information. Once you let the cat out of the bag, you're at risk for others to know.

@mmadlecl stress is probably big for me too, coffee and alcohol too.
My job is a huge basket of stress. I’ve decided I need a new one but that’s stressful too.