Been considering Online Dating

So my coworker, freshly divorced was all over this dating website, seems as though she has been more into meeting hookups than actual long term relationships, for me, if I was looking for a hook up I would rather just find one person to person, seems as though casual encounters are easy to find. Guess the reason I was thinking of venturing out into the online dating world is because, I haven't really met anyone that I "click" with. Recently I started "dating" my friends husbands best friend, which kinda ended up happening, first because, yes, I was interested in him, but as I got/get to know him, I am very much-so turned off by him and it seems this keeps happening. I continue to talk to him, because my friend keeps telling me to give him a chance and how I am "weird" with all guys I date and its my fault I don't find myself in a more serious relationship.

A guy e-mailed me a few months ago and I continue to talk to him, though obviously I've still never met him in person, at the end of the month he invited me to go watch a basketball game, with a second game planned already for January, I am yet to respond to that e-mail, because I am unsure of the whole online dating world and if I was to meet him and things clicked theres the next thing of how would everyone react to me having met someone online? It just doesn't seem like my thing to do....

I agree & if & when you do decide to try out please proceed w/caution, is best to meet in a public place though.

Take care of you.


It takes a long time to get to know somebody if that is truly possible. People tend to change and change and....... I think as far as meeting someone,one way is as good as another. Ive been through many relationships sure the last one was the one. As Im to stupid to give up all I can say is good luck.gypsy

ashlie3284 - online dating is just another channel to use to meet people and opens up your options. Its also good for anyone who is busy. I tried it a couple of times and it didn't work out. I have another friend who dates like crazy through online sites, and another one who is getting married to someone she met online. So you never know who you will meet. Also online dating is much more common nowadays. But take it slow and if you meet people in person, keep it casual and in public place, like grabbing coffee or lunch and meet there to be safe.

Also when it comes to online dating just keep an open mind to who you meet online cause you never know if you will click in person. Of course you can't force feelings either. Good luck and let us know how is goes!

Hi Ashlie3284, I can totally understand what you are going through on the dating front. It's not easy by any means. I've tried online dating here and there several times and it just wasn't for me in the end. But, I have several girlfriends who have been online dating successfully and another girlfriend who is engaged to someone she met online. I wouldn't use it as the only means of dating but as yet another avenue to meet people. As well, I'm a huge advocate of meeting people through people, so if you're able to get out with friends and meet people through them, that's a great way to go. Please keep sharing and let us know how you're doing.

SO I guess I have agreed to do it, lol... I am nervous, the date is tomorrow to a nba basketball game, I am a big basketball fan. I don't really know what to wear, I mean, I have a jersey for the warriors, so I guess I will wear that, but it just doesn't seem like the right thing? I mean, usually on a date you wanna dress up, but then again, we are going to a game so I am allowed to show I am a fan right?

Also, my friends keep asking me who I am going with, I just said a friend, I don't know if I can admit to them that I am trying the whole online dating thing... I mean, they are against it because idk why... well, the coworkers I have are against it because one coworker that was just recently divorced has been doing it just to meet new guys and has kinda been a *****, so they just think thats the whole experience of it, which like I mentioned it is not me. Do you think its ok for me to just say its a friend and when they ask I just say I met him a long time ago, thats what I told my one friend so far, I said hes a friend of my ex, just on the basis they are both filipino I found that the easiest way to go on how I met this random filipino guy....

anyway, the game stars at 7:30 ppm though I have to drive a hour and half, so I still have plenty of time to flake... which would be horrible since he bought the tickets...

Wanted to add, you owe noone an explaination as its noones business but if it make you feel better then just say its a friend & see how things progress over time that way you have nothing to defend later on to anyone.

Do enjoy yourself & dont think about anything else but the date.

Take care of you.


You absolutely don't owe anyone any explanations; keep it to yourself for now and you can always share when things develop a bit further. I am excited that you are getting out there and can't wait to hear about your b-ball date, so exciting!

In regard to an ensemble for an eve out with a man; of course you always want to put your best foot forward, but it's a basketball game so you can go with something casually cute and sassy. Love that you want to wear the team's jersey and I'm sure that he will love it.

Please let us know how it goes.

have a great time! don’t worry about explaining it. You can tell them how you met if things work out and when you feel more comfortable. Wear what makes you feel good. When you dress that way you will be confident and have a good time.

Thanks for the feedback everyone :) Last night was fun, though it was quite the drive to meet someone I didn't know. Though, I have always wanted to go to a NBA game, which is why I went, free game...sure why not. He was rather nice, don't really know if I could see myself dating him seriously, but he is a nice person and I am not against new friends.

Its kinda crazy, I ran into a friend, she was sitting close to us. Though, she lives closer to the stadium than me, since she moved to San Francisco. She asked of course, who I was with, just said a friend. He asked to hang out again, maybe go see a football game, or hockey since I am a sports fan, though I don't watch either of those sports. Well see how it goes, he doesn't drive, since he lives in the city so uses bart and other forms of public transportation, so that kinda means it'd be all on me to travel there to see him...the only time I really go to the city is for my doctor appointments and on those days, I kinda already promised my high school friends that at each of my appointments, we could meet up for lunch....and sometimes both lunch and

My one coworker kept asking who I was going with, I never responded to her texts, since I have had the last 3 days off it has been easy. My mom and sister even asked, they know about a guy that I have kinda been dating on and off, but nothing serious, so they both asked if it was him, I just agreed... I don't like them in my business at all. My sister saw my friend carlos come over, then come back a few days later and all of a sudden we were dating, which was news to me. So, really actually I wasn't lying when I said Carlos, because funny enough, the new guy is also named carlos... hehe..

great job on taking a chance and going to the game! just see how it goes and if you are interested. if you are not ready to talk about online dating, just tell people you are dating in general but don’t want to say anything until you know something is happening and will let them know when you are ready.

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