Been feeling dizziness

Been feeling dizzy, light headed and nauseated this morning. Some of you know I have started going to the gym. Well, the lady there told me from the beginning to make sure to drink plenty of water. I have been forgetting to do this. I was just reading up on it and I think that may be what is going on. I am dehydrated because I haven't been drinking water like I should.

I was just reading an article "Proper Hydration for Exercise - Water or Sports Drinks." Below are a few things from it:

Importance of Water During Exercise
Proper hydration is especially important during exercise. Adequate fluid intake for athletes is essential to comfort, performance and safety. The longer and more intensely you exercise, the more important it is to drink the right kind of fluids.

General Guidelines for Fluid Needs During Exercise
While specific fluid recommendations aren't possible due to individual variability, most athletes can use the following guidelines as a starting point, and modify their fluid needs accordingly.

Hydration Before Exercise
* Drink about 15-20 fl oz, 2-3 hours before exercise
* Drink 8-10 fl oz 10-15 min before exercise

Hydration During Exercise
* Drink 8-10 fl oz every 10-15 min during exercise
* If exercising longer than 90 minutes, drink 8-10 fl oz of a sports drink (with no more than 8 percent carbohydrate) every 15 - 30 minutes.

Hydration After Exercise
* Weigh yourself before and after exercise and replace fluid losses.
* Drink 20-24 fl oz water for every 1 lb lost.
* Consume a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein within the 2 hours after exercise to replenish glycogen stores.

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Bluidkiti, I hope that you are feeling a ton better. Thank you so much for the post and for the pertinent information. I am really bad about hydrating properly before a work-out and I tend to feel the after effects of it; dizziness being one of the symptoms. This is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much again.

It is crucial to hydrate before, during and after your work out...if you're working up a sweat its important to replace the lost fluids....hopefully you start to feel better soon!

You're so right Gina, I am so much more aware now and definitely working on hydrating properly pre-and-post work-outs.

I am definitely working on drinking water before, during and after working out. I go again to the gym this morning and I am drinking my water now. When I was younger, I never gave thought to such a thing as making sure to drink plenty of water when exercising. But I am older now and learning, and have to take care of my body.

Truth is unless you're running a marathon there is no need to drown yourself in water. Drink a lil before and enough after to feel satisfied. The dizziness could be a combination of low BP and BGL, I suffer from both and have similar symptoms to those you mentioned. Hope you feel better soon X

Thanks 絶望的 . I have low blood pressure also. I worked out yesterday. I drank water before and after. I felt much better. No dizziness, no light headedness nor nauseau. I really enjoy going to the gym and working out plus talking with the other ladies there. Thank you everyone for your input.

Very interesting article, but it is true that also depends on each individual. With more time you will know how much water you will need. God bless you.

Another point I would like to make, when you start to exercise, begin slowly, take your time until your body and your system get used to the new activity in your daily routine.

It makes perfect sense to hydrate during and after a sweat therefore loose hydration. Keep it up bluidkiti!

Marcie, that's such an important point; it's all about taking baby steps and easing into working out to assess your body's level of fitness. I think that at times we push ourselves too hard and our body's are not at the right level of fitness.

Hey, how has the working out been going for ya?

Hey Lilac, It it great when I can get to the gym to workout. I was going this morning but have some pressing issues with my middle daughter that concerns her car that has to be taken care of today. Last week 2 of my daughters were sick for a few days. I am in need of a workout to relieve this stress from the things that are going on with my middle daughter. I have already cried a few times this morning.

Bluidkiti, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope that you're doing ok. Can you take a walk around your neighborhood just to get some fresh air and exercise? As well, there are a ton of great exercise DVDs that don't require equipment. Just a couple of ideas when you can't get to the gym.

Aww sorry to hear that ♥ Exercise is an amazing way to de-stress, like puppy suggested, any chance of you taking a walk?

Well, a good work out that I got today was making homemade pastry for chicken and pastry which I plan to cook tomorrow. I tell you that by the time I was done rolling out the pastry for this dish I had worked up a sweat. Makes you wonder how our grandmothers and great-grandmothers stayed in shape. LOL They didn't have to go to a gym. They got a work out from how they did everyday house hold chores back then. :)

Bluidkiti, I absolutely love it! I've seen my mom bake a ton of times and when she rolls out that dough, it is quite the task. I've given it a go a few times and my arms were sore the next day.

Great job!

My arms are not sore today. It felt good to work up a sweat. I haven't done any walking lately because it is just so very cold outside here. It is colder than what it usually is for this time of the year for us. Hopefully, I'll be getting back to the gym soon. I miss working out and also talking with the other women there.

Thats it! Goes to show you dont need a gym membership to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

I totally agree; I don't belong to a gym, but have a fitness step at home and light dumbbells. When it's cold and raining, then I'll do my at home work-outs. Any little thing helps.