Been in my room most of the day starring at my blades and al

Been in my room most of the day starring at my blades and alcohol just wanting to drink it all and cut to get rid of the pain

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Do yiu have anything you can distract yourself with?

@JR11223 not really i have my tv on but nothing working

Well if you want we can try and distract you. We being whoever else is on the site. I'm trying to distract myself with Xbox but my WiFi is being a douche

@JR11223 ahhhhhh. None of my distractions are working today

Well just talk. Any hobbies you like to do?

@JR11223 yes but i can’t do them right now

Well what are they? I like to write its really the only thing that I can do on my own I guess. And you?

@JR11223 i play bball and golf. Im good at writing but I havent done a lot lately


@bigbrotherjohn ahhhhhhheggggggghhhhhh

Hi Abbey, Oh, I know that feeling of just wanting to get rid of the pain!! So unbearable to feel that much intensity of emotional pain! Did something in particular happen to trigger it?

@L2015 not really

I felt the same way today but.. I know there are other ways to get that endorphin kick. The blade is gonna set another meaningless scar. It's a waste. Hope you don't do it. Just do your best to distract yourself.. I keep going from one thing to another to another to keep myself away from doing anything I might regret. After a while it will pass but for now.. keep trying to ignore it. Out of sight out of mind.

@BansheeGal the urges just keep getting stronger

How long has it been since you last cut?

@BansheeGal few weeks


@bigbrotherjohn yes