Been struggling a lot with paranoia recently. Like that thin

Been struggling a lot with paranoia recently. Like that things are happening for a reason. I was at Walmart yesterday or Monday and a woman was following me through the store. She really was every aisle she was right behind me. What was really weird is I recognize her from someplace but I can’t remember where. I shopped for about a half an hour and every time I turn around I could see her. Sometimes she came up right behind me and got something from behind me. I called my psychiatrist and he said that sometimes people do follow people and then it might not just be in my head and I need to get to a safe area. Like an example of paranoia I’m sitting on my front porch. A white van pulled up on the right side right in front of me. No one has gotten out of the van no one has delivered a package it’s literally just sitting right there. I pulled up as soon as I came outside. Maybe he’s taking a lunch break or something and just sitting there in front of my house. When stuff like this happens it’s so hard not to be paranoid. Also in the 10 minutes I’ve been sitting outside the same lady has walked in front of my house twice. Maybe she’s just walking the neighborhood but why is she walked in front of my house two times? I know things like the van sitting there is real. But why does my mind think of it as paranoia? I feel people are always following me. They never hurt me or cause threat to me. Except one time a man was in front of our house photographing me and my daughter leaving to go somewhere. That happened right in front of my house I called 911. People have asked me why would people be following you? I really can think of a few good reasons. How do you tell what’s real? I don’t know. Sometimes I just have to pull into myself and say, I will never truly know what is going on.

A lot of peace can be derived from knowing that we "will never truly know what's going on", and being OK with that; embracing the "Don't Know Mind." You're self-aware enough to know (or at least suspect) that you might be losing the plot, and to reach out and reality-check with others; that's really, really good.
Paranoia leads us to fearfulness and worst-case scenarios. I hope that you can intentionally imagine and dwell in some best-case scenarios for a while, breathe, and be at peace.

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@Piobaire that is very sweet. :slight_smile: