Been talking to my husband about my infedelity 6 yrs ago. No

Been talking to my husband about my infedelity 6 yrs ago. Not sure if he will come home today after work. I'm panicked and scared. He has been harping me for more details via text. This is killing me

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That must have taken courage to confess that. What sort of details is he looking for? Surely that will only hurt him worse. Do you think counseling would maybe help the two of you?

@Jenn4473 he says it turns him on one minute then says we are over . Then says he is going to screw around on me and that our marriage is a joke. I have no good reason for doing what I did before but I wasn’t being treated right. He would talk down to me and ignore me. He’d have mood swings and punch holes in the wall if he didn’t have pot to smoke.

Well just came back from seeing him on lunch. And again he's asking me details saying it turns him in now. I asked why, how? He said it's better then feeling the hurt. And now he wants me to do it again. Find someone to cheat on him with and make a video of it. Seriously! !! I don't want to have another regret or mistake. But I don't want to male him upset and turn all this back into hurt and the threat of him leaving our family. Help what do I do????

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Refuse. Show him you have respect for yourself. Don't demean yourself for his pleasure

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I'm afraid he'd try to use that video against you, but this could be an opportunity for your relationship.

That is strange he wants a video. I would never make that sort of video with a HUSBAND let alone someone else. He might use that for leverage if he decided to go for a divorce.

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he probably wants to use it as evidence against you or as a way to hurt you by having it as something he could use to embarrass you publicly if he chose to..either way I think the guy is tricking you, he might be your husband but sometimes you need someone who isn't in the thick of things to give you an outside perspective

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@Katinneed, can i support you?

He wants to be a cuckold.

Why did you wait so long to confess?