Been with same man pretty much last 21 years and on and off Been with same man pretty much last 21 years and on and off

Been with same man pretty much last 21 years and on and off before that another 12 years, would of bet my life he would never cheat on me, quit having sex 3 years ago, he said he was having problems keeping erection so we thought he had E.D. So for 3 years tried maybe dozen times, well to find out he has been talking to someone else 8 months, swears never had sex but flirting , she's 22! I don't know what your definition of cheating is but when u give ur number out and send pics of each other and touch one another like hold hands or rub legs ( if that was all it was) that is cheating!!!! I'm delves rated! Also before finding out, I was told he's had it for 33 years with me and it's just not exciting anymore! I'm 47 and that to me is ****** to say, says he wants to stay together he loves me she means nothing just made him feel young again! Really? Devestated!

I'm very sorry you have to deal with that. Please consider to just end it with him. I mean since after all "your just not exciting anymore"..his words. He seems to act pretty flippant about the whole thing, which tells me he will do it again and has no remorse.

I know, I been with him so long I don't know how to live without him, this is first time and regardless I just don't think I will ever be able to trust him again, u will always question things and he works at big factory and works with her, but even if I could forgive him I'm never gonna get it out of my head that he says (it's boring) I don't know if I can afford living on my own, and u have a teenager still in house and I think of him.

Not exciting anymore? Not to be sarcastic, but is he "Captain Excitement" himself? It is too bad he cannot appreciate the benefit of growing older together. A 22 year old is like a comic book compared to your novel. I wish you good luck and strength.

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@Sisyphus I love this!!! How perfect to say that in this instance!!!

@Tammy... This is just my humble opinion but my wife and I might be able to help you. In a support group way lol. I don't want to put our drama out here too much but we have been together for 20 years so we do have some experience. I see that you are already getting good advice. I'm just offering perspective. We have made it through to the end of that dark tunnel that you feel like your in. Where you just don't see that there is an end to the pain or mistrust or darkness. I empathize. If you'd like to talk. We are both here. If not..good luck and just know that all things pass, good times and bad. Time is undefeated.

@MikenBecki420 I would love some advice and any kind of help u can offer, did u ever have problem that sex wasn’t important anymore? If so please what did u do? That plays a big part in this, and j know about the blue pill too, insurance don’t cover it so it crazy expensive

Growing old together is magical. God bless you.