Before I begin I'd like to thank all the people who respond

Before I begin I'd like to thank all the people who respond to and/or post on these support groups. I've never been part of such community but I've found some very great discussions on here. I've had epilepsy for over 10 years (usually every two to three weeks I'd have one). Staring spells and loss of consciousness, no shaking or twitching. My fists would tighten and I've been told I smack my lips. Afterwards I would feel extremely tired with a huge headache that can last up to the whole day. Mornings are the worst. I'd wake up feeling more tired than when I went to bed with. I think a lot of it may be due to my life style and hobbies. I spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, tvs, cellphones, video games, and other digital devices. I mention this because a lot of comments I've seen have related the same. The last two-three months I have lost weight (from 185 to 170) because of change in diet in hopes that it will help. However, I don't think it helped. Before bedtime I would end up watching something on my notepad. I assume that may be a huge trigger. But I also have periods of depression and constant anxiety. I plan to discuss with my neurologist at my next appointment. I am hoping there are some folks on here with similar experience that would like to share them and how they deal or have dealt with it. Thank you!

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Welcome to SG. I think it is really admirable that you have found a possible trigger. When is your next appointment with your neurologist? Keep posting, glad you joined. You are not alone. Hugs.

@kisobel Had my appointment yesterday with a new neurologist. Found out that stress hasn’t been proven to directly affect seizures. However, stress can negatively affect your sleep which can drastically increases chances of seizures. My new neurologist emphasized the importance of regular sleep schedule. In my case he recommended I get 8 hours of good sleep. I will now try to work on getting a good amount of sleep on a regular sleeping schedule. I will also be taking 1 to 2 5mg Melatonin to help with the sleep as recommended by my neurologist. Will keep writing on here with my progress. Thank you for the response. Much appreciated.