Before my HOCD started I loved talking Zumba classes. Then w

Before my HOCD started I loved taking Zumba classes. Then when my HOCD got worse I stop going to Zumba because I was afraid seeing other girl dancing. Today Im going to start Zumba again. Its because I wont let this illness to stop me doing stuff I like. I also see this like a part of ERP. Wish me good luck ! :)

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You go (23y)grl! :D

I am doing similar things. Don't feel down because it might be rough at first. Just focus on the exercises you are doing.

Everything went good :) I didnt had any spike as I thought.

I didnt get anxious. Does that mean something ? I heard when you are not anxious and when you are able to stop thinking about it when you have to its not HOCD. Now Im anxious again :( when I was at Zumba I was able to stop thinking about gay thoughts. :(

@23ygrl Where would you hear something like that? That is ridicolous.

@23ygrl First of all, cleary you can't stop obsessing about it, since you are obsessing why you weren't obsesesing, while you were distracted. Sounds like OCD to me.

If i had a strong phobia about spiders, and one day i am having a good time, and don't notice a spider. Does that mean i never was afraid of spiders?

If i am afraid of spiders, and i overcome that fear, does that mean i never was afraid of spiders?

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@Olongjohnson I understand what you mean. Sorry for freaking out so easily. Guess my HOCD mind are trying everything to search after evidence :frowning:

I'm having moments of "peace" or no anxiety and I also fear its because I accept my thoughts for being me etc. Backdoor spikes are so evident