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@Jessica2vjv Whoever told you that is so wrong. I as a woman have lots to hold on to. We are certainly not B****ES! Yes far from it! Why are you so angry?

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You sound very frustrated or out of control in your situation maybe?

You have yourself to hold on to. Your strength and your pride are inside you and that's something no one else can ever take away. You are great, don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise!

Wow, you sound really frustrated. Not sure if you're being genuine or just trying to stir the sh!t pot. If you are being genuine, you're really selling yourself - and all other women - short.

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@adaptordie I’m not trying to offend. It just seems when I speak up and have a voice In my situation in a not so nice way I am HEARD!.

Sometimes it's the best way, and be proud of it. I'm Just not one of the ladies who lunch

@jessica2vjv You got to calm down.... There was a post awhile ago, that my SG friend @java reiterated, "when you become angry, you are letting other people CONTROLLED you! " Who is controlling you Jessica? Please ask yourself this? Be strong the best is yet, to follow.... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

Not angry just needed to but my foot down. But thankx.

Nobody truly knows what its like behind closed doors in a marriage or other relationship. If you know you need to put your foot down, then stomp. If the result is positive then you succeeded. If it is damaging to you then you have a situation where you'll need to do something different. Continue to kick and scream if that's what it takes to have a voice, without going off the deep end into harmful actions on your part. Don't regress, but even if its against your nature; the message sometimes come across to him as I'm being a b!$&h because I still love and care for you enough to fight for us, but I can't live with you like this so I guess were gonna have to do some pushing and shoving (metaphorically, physical violence is never the answer) till we meet in the middle. If you get a response from him with actions that move in the right direction then he's probably trying to convey the same message to you. Hang in there girl.

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I wasn't trying to come off like a B***h , but just had to confront the situation.

Totally get you. You were saying it how it is, using our lion voice. I used to be exhausted after a bout of ranting to make myself heard because it was so against my nature, but man, sometimes its the only way. And then I would be pissed off that it ever had to come to that. It sounds like that's where you were when you put up your first post in this message string. That's what we are here for though, sometimes you just need to vent, even if there is no concrete solution to gain from it. That release of negative energy us actually a good thing to help you come back down and regather your thoughts and emotions.

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All of u have given me insight. Thank u . It's going to be a bumpy road. I will continue to face and hopefully grow from.