Being a horrible year this year and Idreading next year

It has been a horrible year for the family this year my sister as had cancer three times in a row this year
Plus losing school friends my school Days I am about end up being lonely and nobody in my life or because social service will never ever let me have friends or boyfriend because they’ll put me in one thing but I’ve been one thing I certain fair there’s others wrestling me there is others worse than me is loud to have friends and II am not it is such a stupid world to put on anybody I am not a dangerous people but that will is I know what that will is their estate for the rest of my life it is so so unfair
My sisters wish is for me to find a nice man and be happy but I know social service never let me because of another ever let me have friends at so long
I want my sister to get better from cancer I do but when I if I was my brother and sister I’ve got more body I’ve got nobody but I get is it’s from my own good

I am so sorry, I really hope that this next year is better, what is something you could do to maybe make it a little better?