Being beaten by so called friend

When I was in Elementary I met this girl that looked sweet and ended up punching me everyday.She would hit me pull my hair every chance she got.Then she would just stand there and laugh and call me names.I tried so hard to keep it together or she would call me crybaby.I was too scared to tell anyone about it.So when I got home I would just act like everythings ok.It happened all the way through high school.It effected my life forever now because it haunts me.I would always forgive her when she appoligized only because I thought she changed but it was the same cycle everytime.She used me and my parents.

Well I was bully growing up because my father use to beat me!!!! I wished someone would of stopped me because I couldn't control my anger.Then when I got married I use to hit my husband!!! but one day he slapped me so hard...I never hit him again,it was the best thing that ever happened to me, from that day on I never raised a hand to hit him or my kids. So what does that mean for you....You must take responsibility that you allowed that girl to abuse you for all these years!!! If you would of punched her hard a long time ago she would stopped that mess! Now???? your a adult you have no excuse///Tell her she was wrong and except that you were wrong for allowing her to abuse you! And end that relationship...if you love her???? help her find a support group to deal with her day she may mess with the wrong person and end up really hurt!! You deserve better and don't need to be abuse by anyone stop this now!!!!!!! Help her??? or get out!!!! choose friends who love and build up not tear down!!!!!!She's not worth it!!!!