Benefits of online support groups vs. going to a traditional support group

I am a nursing student assigned to write a paper on support groups. I am very interested in how online support groups benefit people. I first got interested in online support groups because of my step son who has Down Syndrome. But for my paper I am picking the subject on AA support groups. I have already attended a traditional support group near my home and it was very interesting and helpful to me to here the therapeutic techniques and hear how people cope with stresses in their lives. If anyone can give me more insight on online support groups it would help me a great deal in writing my paper.

Thank you


Greetings Chantel....pretty name. I think both are good tools to assist in the healing process. For me personally, I like online support groups more for several reasons. There is no face to face interactions, so much of what is shared is done with little fear of judgement or ridicule. Also, there is not a solid structure of the 12 steps here; they are advised but not worshipped. what works for one may not work for another. And also, many of the support groups here are overlapped, so individuals may address many different issues in the same area rather than traveling to different support groups in person. there is another bonus in the fact that online support is readily available, and can contain people who are States away from one another with similar problems.
Hope this helps....good luck on your paper!!

Do you think that the communication between you and peers are just as therapeutic online rather than face-to-face? I see all the positive feed back people receive on here are their any times that it gets out of hand and people become negative towards one another? Thank you for your help. This is a new experience for me.

For me, it is better than AA meetings, and more beneficial than face to face. I have seen some forums get distracted from the original issues, but I have seen no blatant disrepect. From what I have experienced at face to face meetings, things get out of hand more often.
The 12 step method as well as the format of AA meetings never worked for me, and always made me feel uncomfortable, with the sights, smells, and dialogue of those around me. It made me actually want to go out and get drunk rather than the other way around. It does work well for many others though, and I am glad it is around, but it is just not for me.
Good luck on your paper, and feel more than free to ask me any questions I might be able to help with.