Best Acne Treatments

This is a good Q&A article regarding acne;

"Three factors work in concert to produce acne. The first is overproduction of oil by skin glands. The overproduction occurs from the stimulus of male hormones that surge at puberty. The oil, along with dead skin cells, plugs the skin pore. Enter here the second acne villain, a bacterium known as Propionibacterium. In the plugged pore, it feasts on the oil, and its population grows. It produces irritating substances that are the third ingredient of acne. An attack on all three usually can control outbreaks.

Your grandson needs to wash his face twice a day with mild soap. Overzealous scrubbing irritates the skin and aggravates the problem. He must not squeeze pimples. Squeezing causes a rupture of the pore with release of noxious material into adjacent skin...."


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