Best DISTRACTIONS that keep you from b/p - I need your help!

Hi ladies...

My therapist has asked me to ask YOU ALL what your top 10 Distractions are to NOT b/p once you start feeling the urge...

Can you please share what has been helpful for you all? I know its different for each person but I truly believe that by sharing we can help one another...

For me, nothing CONSISTENTY work but a few times forcing myself to go to the gym has helped and also drinking lots of water to fill my stomach. :(

Unfortunately, most of the time I b/p its late in the evening to it limits my options.

I thank you in advance!!


hey caroline, i doubt i can come up with 10 but i got some:

taking my dog for a walk or run
cleaning the house
working out
writing on this site
trying to sleep
i wish i had a punching bag, i know that would help me

ususally all this is more a matter of delaying things as i'm nowhere near recovery, but i hope it helps someone :-)


Hmmm... Let's see what I can come up with!!
1. Playing with my kitties
2. Putting in headphones with ipod and inspirational music and going for a nice walk
3. Doing an art project (I make dolls)
4. Straightening my hair, doing my nails
5. Reading or doing homework
6. Start a 1000 piece puzzle and watch a movie (This is an AWESOME one) Takes up time and is a great accomplishment
7. Friendship bracelets! (Go to They have awesome patterns and keep your hands busy)
8. Journaling or writing here... if that helps you
9. Calling a friend, meeting for coffee or in the park or something
10. Cleaning : ) The house! Vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, ect... I find this relaxing surprisingly!
11. Find a good book (I like life without ED, Goodbye ED hello Me, or another good one) And open up to a random page and start reading.
12. Meditation CD's (You can get these on itunes also) Some of them are good
13. Write a letter to a friend, become old-school pen pals!
I will see if I can think of anything else, but hopefully this helps a bit!!
<3 CC

i love the puzzle thing, used to do that too. but i actually get obsessed with finishing it so i never really go to sleep, lol!

hmmm.....i dont think i have 10 but i have a few that i can think of

1. art work (im into coloring mandalas that reflect my mood for the day. something my old therapist taught me)
2. exercising ( not long time maybe half hr but it gets rid of the feelings of wanting to binge. keeps my mind occupied)
3. write letters to my friends and mail them (young adults love getting mail i have found out)
4. journaling
5. writing poetry (i have written some powerful pieces but they reflect on how i feel and expresses my feelings in a positive way)
6. curling my hair and getting dressed (something that makes me feel pretty in a positive way)
7. writing affirmations (positive things u love about urself and ur body

hopefully that will help you somewhat

wow, these have been great suggestions so far--

i might add---

1. listening to music. this is a huge one for me. music somehow makes me forget everything.

2. id say dancing, also, as i feel confident in myself when doing so BUT you have to be careful you are doing it for enjoyment and not burning calories.

3. watch t.v. shows or DVDs. i have comedies from the past i like to watch when im feeling down. or movies--i make sure first though the dont have anything triggering in them ..

4. reading reading reading!!!! takes your mind off you body and focuses on the mind! yes we forget how important our MINDS are not just our bodies. a mind is a terrible thing to waste. i love the feeling of escaping to a wonderful world where my imagination flows free...

5. focusing on educational goals. we forget like i said how important our MINDS are and how important education is. very very much so! we are not our bodies but our minds and spirits! focus on a career goal or something you would like to learn one day. i want to learn spanish soon.
focus on a dream or a goal you ahve been putting off.

6. call a friend/ talk to a freind about whats has been on your mind

7. i got a subliminal positive thinking CD--and it works pretty darn good! it tells you positive affirmations about yourself to destroy ED. really interesting!

8. meditation CDs---i need to buy one. i want a CD with the sounds of rain falling...

9. Nature! look around you ! nature is gorgeous! focus on that!

10. if you have animals---play with them

11. take care of someone ele ---do something nice to someone ---like by someone a card...
or also--volunteering is great!

12. art, painting, sketching....studying art.

13. writing . i love it to death.. write how you feel, jounrnal, poetry, short stories even....

13. think of what you are gratrful for!

14. think of your loved ones and how they make you feel.

15. know no one will judge you for your body! it is your own! people who love YOU will love you no matter what!!!!

hope this helped........


let me see what helps for me:

1. taking my dog for a walk in a public place.
2. calling up a friend and meeting for coffee.
3. getting out of the house and going for a drive
4. listening to music and dancing :)
5. taking a nice warm bubble bath and reading a good book
6. i really like the puzzle idea.
7. going to a friend's house to watch a movie.
8. writing a letter
9. emailing a good friend about what you are struggling with (or text)
10. surround yourself with positive people.


oh yeah, going for a drive! love that! can't wait to race around again once i'm at my family's (dont have a car here)

HHmmmm yeah id say...its going to depend on how quick you need the alternative to satisfy you..

1. Im someone who needs to nap most days...if I skip my nap I get cross and might start I sleep :)I have made the mistake of eating before I lay down...and binging wins every time. I also have to be careful right after I get up, which is why number 2 comes in handy before AND after.

2. Drinking water!!

3. When I'm really desperate I'll chew gum too, sometimes fruity when I have a sweet tooth. But always water first. Of course gum hurts your jaw and is only a quick fix much like binging, rather than something healing.

4. Go for a drive/walk

5. Do something creative like art

6. Do your nails or take a bath

7. Listen to music

8. Exercise

9. Reading

10. Meeting up with a friend!!!! this one is crucial for me too. everyone has different social needs, but I find that if I neglect going out at least once or twice on the weekend I usually run into trouble. Sometimes social matters trigger more stress of course, but maybe not if you can chose a relaxing/reflective situation. Small group/one on one kind of stuff.

Basically with 4 through 10 I have found that its really a matter of finding things that will calm me and take me back to what I find beautiful about the world and MYSELF. It is hard because depending on the stress of the day, the solution might change slightly.

Lately I've been trying to change my thoughts about WHY I exercise too. I think exercise can be SUCH a relief and is really important, but obviously I have been doing it for the wrong reasons lately and severely beating myself up when I don't. So I guess what I'm saying is that exercise is a tough one because it is essential and VERY healing, but can obviously be abused unlike the other ones. I dunno, just a thought/reminder.

Thanks again everyone. You’ve really brought up some interesting ideas. Now I need to find the ones that work for me and actually IMPLEMENT them! That’s the tough part.

I guess when I’m in “trance” of wanting to binge it is just SO HARD to distract me - its like I’m on a mission and very little seems to solve immediately drama than food sometimes - I KNOW I use it as an excuse.

Some days, like yesterday, everything was going perfectly fine until I got some bad news about a business. Its like suddently the FIRST thing I thought of was going to my room and b/p… why wouldn’t I seek recourse elsewhere… and temporarily it was the fix for then.

Anyway, I’ve reallllllllllllly got to work on this hard.

Thanks again guys…


write them down and post them big everywhere, for example in the bathroom, in the kitchen cupboard, fridge, on the table etc. that way you have to look at them even if you might fall into that trance.

you can do it, missy!