Best way to rebound from relapsing

Ok ... I'm on day #2 of relapsing after an 8 day period of no b/p. Can anyone offer up the best way to MOVE FORWARD. the urge was sooooooooooo strong today I couldn't help it. coupled with a stressful day at work.

Please help! i want a peaceful weekend!

Thanks in advance,
Caroline :)

Hey Caroline :)

I always find the first few days are the hardest to resist the urge because what you did is still fresh in your mind and with the ED.
My best suggestion for you is to stick to your meal plan, and only eat more if you are hungry otherwise. Listen to your BODY not your mind. Your body knows what's best for you :)

If you find yourself in the bathroom....look at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself about what you want.
Pace the floor and breathe...I found this very helpful last night when I had the urge.
I also found an article, that while the topic didn't really apply to me, the questions it told you to ask yourself before doing something, was really eye opening.
So the next time you find yourself wanting to b/p, ask yourself:
1) Do I want immediate gratification, or long term self-confidence?
Sometimes it’s easy to feel helpless when confronted with strong impulses to repeat self-destructive habits. Tell yourself you have a choice, and at some point – perhaps today - that choice will confidently bring you just once step further towards your goal.

2)How do I want to feel one hour from now? One day from now? One year from now?
This question helps you to directly anticipate the results of choices you make. Do you want the next hour, day or week of your precious life to be contaminated with guilt and regret? Or do you want to honor your body and feel strong and confident? Whatever you decide, realize you are creating your future life with every decision you make today.

3)What would I do right now if I fully loved myself and my body?
This powerful question helps you link with your Future You. How does someone who totally loves his/her body act? Create the image in your mind of being that person. Now imagine how the Future You will handle this situation. Close the gap from where you are today and where you want to be.

4)What do I truly want?
It’s easy to forget what we truly want when weighed down by overwhelming feelings. But by reminding yourself of what you want, you link to your desire and desire coupled with positive expectation is a powerful, inspiring force. Remind yourself why you began this journey in the first place.

Good luck! I know you can do this!!!
Paige xoxo

Hey Caroline,
I find the best way is to tell someone. Preferably someone who doesn't judge you. And someone who won't judge you if you DO decide to use anyway after you told them about your urges. For me, when it is no longer a secret it makes it easier for me to make my OWN decision. It is no longer about being forced into a decision because of the secrecy or guilt or whatever. Then if I do engage in unwanted behavior, I have a clearer idea of why I felt the need.

Another thing I find helpful is to make a firm decision for myself first thing in the morning. I find I slip up when I am just "playing it by ear" and want to "see how I feel". If I wake up and say, no matter what, I am sticking to my meal plan today. Then when questionable ideas come into my head, I remember my decision that I made that morning.

you have an ED, trust me, if you make a firm commitment to yourself first thing in the morning about how your day will go, you won't break it. I have never met a girl with an ED that did not have a strong will!

hmmm well Jan's method is delay and distract---to delay the feelings as long as possible ---with something say--you like to do to get your mind off the ED thoughts. say for me i like, music or reading or watching a comedy on t.v. maybe a certain movie perhaps? think about something you like to do and replace it with the ED thought--and then act upon delaying the ED thought..

another one is journaling--writing your feelings out...and exploring your feelings ...

one thing that we did here on the eating disorder site is write out a list of the lies ED tells you ---all of them---and then write a list of truths or positives to rebute that thought---i swear that worked ownders for me. really.

and yes calling someone you can trust will work--say like a buddy to help you ...

of course a meal plan wil help but there are also times ED can attack you during that also--i think the best thing is to have a rebuttal--something to say back to the ED instead of letting its powerful grip take hold.

think of it as having a prepared script for someone who is abusing you at work/school--like a bully. if you plan out what to say to that bully and fight back--he will leave you alone.

of course--therapy is important beyond beyond words!