Beware of Abilify side effects

Hi everyone, I have been on abilify in the past and felt that it really helped me, but now I am on celexa and abilify and since I started the abilify this time I noticed my anxiety was really bad, but I thought I was just going through a rough time. It turns out that the abilify can cause a lot of hyperness and anxiety even though it stabilizes your mood, so please beware of this it has been miserable for me. I spoke to my doctor's nurse today and they took me off the abilify and I see my psychiatrist in a week, in the mean time I hope this feeling goes away, they also prescribed hydroxizine for the anxiety, but it doesn't seem to work.
Try to have a good day everyone.

Anyone have any relaxation tips for me to help with this???

Abilify will make you do something.
Maybe something stupid like quitting your Job.

Hi Sarahm,
I just wanted to completely back you up about the abilify thing. I am terrified of that drug. I was on it for about 6 months and in that time I gained about 60 lbs. I also was the most anxious I have been and the most depressed. I had vivid suicidal thoughts and it felt like they were screaming at me. I begged and begged to get off the abilifty and now that I'm off...I don't feel so intense. I think it may work for some people, but those who have adverse side effects can really be changed by it.

Abilify is a very dangerous drug, and should be a drug of last resort. I was a nurse for over 20 yrs including 6 yrs of psych, inpatient and out. After an accident I was put on a slew of drugs that turned a minor case of situational depression into a full blown psychotic break. Back in the 1980's AIDs activists pushed the fda to shorten the time it took to study new drugs so they could be used to fight this horrible virus quickly. In the case of HIV it was a good move, as the disease was always fatal and a horrific way to die. But unfortunately it led to a general looseness of the drug production controls. Drug companies are extremely powerful lobbys and jumped right on the opportunity to push all kinds of drugs out without proper testing. Hence the incredible volume of lawsuits and tv commercials listing many drugs that were found to have serious side effects, after they were widely distributed. Paxil, Reglan, Abilify, Seroquel, and on and on. Abilify is one of the worst. The original commercial touting its incredible effects and minimal side effects gave way to three full minutes of listing side effects, including death. It was originaly made just for severe bi polar disorder. But the psychiatrists getting their kick backs from the drug companies started handing it out for anything even insomnia. I took three days worth and flushed the rest. Celexa I took one dose of and almost ended up back in the psych wing. My reaction to all antidepressants and anti psychotics is severe anxiety, akathesia{ constant need to move} sudden muscle movements out of my control including having my legs just collapse and in one instance my arm jerked and I dumped a cup of hot tea on myself, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, insomnia, depression, and finaly two psychotic breaks. I also was taken on and off oxycontin, which I believe should be taken off the market except for extreme cases, and even so I found it didnt relieve my pain.
I would suggest to anyone that you go online and read the side effects of any drug you are put on before you take it, and also check for information on how well and for how long it was tested before put on the market. If you have any doubt about the competence of your doctor, get another opinion. There are lots of doctors, in fact this country has a glut of doctors. Sadly a lot of them suck.My reaction to these drugs is not the norm, but it happens,just be very careful, and if you have someone who you can trust, have them watch you for side effects you may not realize you even have, like blackouts, and drooling while staring off into space. Just be really careful and cautious with drugs.

I'm sorry you're having these horrible side effects! I have had nothing but good with Abilify! It has kept my intense suicidal thoughts at bay and I'm actually dreading the day I go off of it. I hope you find some good relaxation ideas and relief soon!

I like to clench various body parts and then hold it, and relax. So for example:

Clench your toes....hold it...relax!
Clench your legs....hold it...relax!

and move up your body. Then clench your entire body and relax all at once. For me, it really helps. I also like doing some basic yoga moves. Greeting the sun (not sure if that is the official name) pose/position/move is a good one! Or the quarter moon.

wow, this scares me. My pdoc added abilify to my cymbalta. I have been on 2 mgs for 3 weeks and haven't notices anything yet. now worried that one of these days i'll go psychotic. I know it's a low dose but these stories really scare me.