Beware of Info You Provide - Online Dating

I've been communicating with a man online and it's been positive. He then asked for my email address so that we can communicate off of the dating site and I was happy to give it to him, not really thinking anything of it. He suddenly sent me an email saying that he'd text me so that we can plan a get together. I was a bit confused as I didn't remember ever giving him my phone number, I even went through all of my correspondence with him. Then, I figured that he confused me with someone else.

Soon after I received an email from him letting me know that he texted me and would like to get together. I let him know that I never received the text. He sent me the phone number that he texted and it was an old number from 2 years ago. I was so confused as to how and why he had this number...he found it online via Plaxo [an online database]. That kind of freaked me out. So, from my email address, he was able to pull up all of my information online.

Please be very cautious as to what information you give someone, as well search your email addresses online to ensure that your information is private and secure.

Today, with all these technological informations, young ladies should be very careful in providing their data and other sort of communication. Unfortunately, the integrity and respect are a rare commodity at this time. This post is a warning which is telling us to be careful whom you trust. Thank you very much and God bless you.

So true Marcie! I am more and more aware of how careful I have to be with disseminating my personal information. A good friend of mine will never give out her phone number or email address, she'll meet men away from her home at a public place during the day. It's only after a few meetings that she will give out her phone and/or email. At first I thought it was pretty frigid of her, but now I am right there with her on keeping my information to myself until I know that someone is a bit more trustworthy.

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