Bipolar depression- cycling once again

i hate this. first the hypomania, now the depression. I hate being on the roller coaster. I know it's just how things are RIGHT NOW and they will improve...they always do's not going to stay like this forver... but that's so much easier to say than to believe when you're going through it. my therapist today just wants to get me into the Dr who will just put me on antidepressants & my mood will shoot up, then mood stablizers...etc, ect, etc. i don't want to play the medication game again....i'm on so many as it is...just let me ride this one out & see what happens. i'm not suicidal or anything...the depression isn't debilitating at this point...nor will i let myself get there...and if i should start to ride the roller coaster up again is that a bad thing? long as i don't go too far up...

DeeJaye45 .... you are not alone.

I'd like to say that the meds are not a bad thing. They actually work wonders and give you your life back. That roller coaster ride really suxs. You don't have to live like that.

Also, if you are on a lot of meds (not sure for what) you may find that Head Meds can reduce your need for the others.

What I mean is this: I am on a ton of meds for asthma, acid reflux, IBS, the inability to sleep, etc … I also suffer every time the flu or any other simple cold goes through. However, when I am on the head meds my life changes drastically and always for the better. I don’t suffer from the severe asthma attacks where I have to be hospitalized for days, my acid reflux is in check, I don't get a sick as I did without them, my IBS is non-existent, I can sleep normally, etc.

I also find that I just live a much healthier lifestyle. I no longer binge on whatever I can find in my cabinets, I maintain a healthy weight, I am motivated all the time instead of just when I am going through the highs.

Again, I really believe that the meds could be a benefit to anyone that suffers.

Thanks luvsheadmeds...I'm on a lot of headmeds as well as other stuff for fibromyalgia,asthma, migraine prevention, acid reflux, thyroid, cholesterol, etc... Even with the meds for bipolar that are supposed to help keep me from bingeing if I get up in the middle of the night I binge because that is part of my ED, I eat while 1/2 asleep.(the pits because i don't even realize i'm doing til i wake up with the food in my mouth)

I am not against meds at all. Just for the wait & see if I really need them at this point. I went to my Women's therapy group today & we talked about self esteem. very good group. Still feeling down but not as far down. I'm feeling about a 4 on a scale of 1-10 where this AM I was at a 1. So things are looking up :)

I am glad that you are feeling better. :)

I use heavy objects to help me in those times when I sleep eat and walk. I place them in the areas I am most likely to go.

Then, if I should do this I am forced into waking up during my episode. Well, not really wake up as one would think. However, I somehow become cognizant of what I am doing and then stop. The object foils my plans.

I don't know if that will help you, but it is an idea for you to think about. :)

That would not be a good idea for me as last week I walked into my bathroom 1/2 asleep & tripped on the rug & fell smacked dab onto the toilet & broke my nose!! So ... I'm not too sure about that. Thanks for the idea though It's a good one for most people & up until last week I'd have tried it :)

You could put locks on your fridge and cabinets. I have a lock on medicine cabinet to prevent me from taking too many meds while sleep walking.

However, before I go to bed I always put my keys in a new place. This way it requires me to think hard when I am in a transit state. It's impossible for me to find them without waking up. It works like a charm. :)

I suppose I could try that. that's actually a really good idea. Does that in any way ruin the way the frig & cabinets look? I live in an apt. And I can't cosmetically damage them.(well can't damage them at all) It's a wonderful idea!!!!! I'm going to look into what I can do

Thanks a bunch :)

I just did a quick search on Google for "refrigerator locks for adults" and for "cabinet locks for adults".

I saw a bunch of links for some really cools stuff. A lot of the ads were for products that do not require drilling. They use an adhesive of some sort. Also, they were cheap.


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