Bipolar stole my love

I didn't realise this was available for the whole world to see, so I've deleted it...

Hey Claire,
I'm sorry to hear about your relationship ending. I am so glad you're on good medication and you're feeling recovered.

You will absolutely fall in love and have a relationship again. I would wait to tell them about being bipolar for a while. You need to be able to trust someone before you tell them something so personal.

You're not inflicting it on anyone. Don't let the disorder define you. I'm sure you are a wonderful person with a lot of love to give. just make sure to take care of yourself and do everything you can to keep the disorder at bay.

I myself, struggle with depression and an ED, at the moment I've decided to stay off the market get myself better but I know when I do get better he'll be out there for me. I know it will always be there, but I know I can do best by myself to try and look after it.

Look after yourself. Hope you're feeling ok

Warmest Regards
Moongal x

Thankyou so much for your kind words of encouragement and support. Xo

Hi, I've been where you are and the same thing happened w/me and my husband. However, we didn't know I had these issues and he "emotionally cheated" whatever!? He has however stuck by me as best he can and there is a person out there who will be able to love you and you w/ the issues. I'm just sorry it can't work out the way you'd like and I've found that happens sometimes in our lives. Things just don't go the way we want or anticipate and I've really had to learn to just let go...A LOT!!! I hate it, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days with letting go; I'm just grateful now for the days I have that I can let go of everything and just live my life. I wish the best for you and my heart goes out to you. It will get better, its sometimes just our choice and no one else's.

Thankyou, that means a lot that you took the time to write me that message. Xx

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