Bit odd as i am online now but i have found myself going on

Bit odd as i am online now but i have found myself going on sites which have severely affected my mental health. I don't know what is wrong with me but i have become addicted to keep going back despite the fact they are really ruining my happiness. I also am spending time on social media which I never used to do and it is really negatively impacting me. I have deactivated it only to keep going back. I am horrified as to how much time i am spending online ( that is unnecessary) i feel like it is an escape but really i have noticed it is making me worse and i need to stop. I need to stop going on sites that are full of negativity, toxicity and generally people who make you feel life is hopeless. I got so down at one point i didn't think i would shake it off. we are talking about my life here. Please if anyone can help me of what you did to stop as am very worried if i get any worse then i might not be alive soon. I already have other challenges going on and this addiction is making everything else a million times worse. Last week on one of the night i had a breakdown and cried the whole night and was saying "i can't do this anymore, that's it i am done". please help

I'm in kind of the same boat. What happened to me was I had cancer, so I can't work like I used to. I'm super tired all the time. I wish I had energy to do anything else but sit here. I started to go on reddit and was addicted to it. That was crazy too, long story. I've been trying to do other things than reading or networking online, like look for a job, I'm too weak to do, other business stuff, I have going instead. I think maybe I should read some self improvement books instead so I can grow more. Not that into reading fiction, so. Right now I'm moving and have to pack but have no energy to do any of it, sadly.

Is it possible you just need accountability, like maybe someone you can talk to when you’re tempted to go online? Someone you can call on the phone?