Bit of holiday love to you all. Stay strong you're worth mor

Bit of holiday love to you all. Stay strong you're worth more than a narc-ship, if you feel lonely focus on the fact you're free, if you're still in your situation focus on the fact you're normal and you are strong enough to break free. Don't look back through rose tinted glasses and miss someone who inevitably would have ruined your holiday anyway. Focus on 2016 being your year! Big holiday hugs to each and every one of you! You're all awesome

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May I ask you how long did it take you to stop going crazy or want to respond after you started NC?

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@inaffitto I had a whole year of being discarded which drove me nuts and I was still in contact. Mine was easier in a way as he hit me I pressed charges and he was on bail for what ended up being six months so he had no choice but to leave me alone. I only went back as he took my kids away which was the worst thing that ever happened to me! When he did that I just wanted out and so when I eventually got out I was just so relieved and I never missed a single thing about it from that day but it’s different for me because of the year prior to that of me living at mums with kids and him picking me up and ditching me. Sorry not very helpful