Blood cell count

hi, my blood cell counts have dropped low from chemo so I'm stuck inside not going anywhere till they come back up. I'm anemic and feeling tired out as well. i sleep a lot. my doctor says my nulasta shot should help soon. has anyone else had this problem? take care. mbh456

Yeppers. mbh456-you are not alone.
My treatment was delayed due to my low white blood cell count. I am anemic also--so yeppers. you are not alone. Treatment keeps the anemia going....btw.
Thankfully, my insurance covers the Neulasta shots, and it really does help.
I sleep 9/10 hrs. a night....
Going for my eight of eight treaments this week. What will matter is the CSCAN....
the we shall see what's what.
Meannwhile-I have gotten so LAZY, doing only what I want, with the energy I have.
Not a bad way to be anyway! HEY! gotta get some good outta this!
take care MBH-be patient, and, oh yes, this is the time to be selfish!
Feel good.

dear Geri,
hi, yes i kind of figured that. my insurance pays for the neulasta shots too. they said my numbers should turn around soon. i just hate being stuck at home and not going anywhere except doctors offices. my third treatment is the 29th. there will be one more treatment after that and then i have a pet scan. how many treatments i have will depend on the pet scan. i get discouraged easy lately so hang in there with me. I'm trying to stay cheerful. well, take care of yourself. mbh456

Hey there mbh456-
Hopefully, the Neulasta will get you outta the house..., and you will feel better about what's going on. Although I am a homebody-actually prefer being home,I understand about the need to flee. When I was told my low levels put me in danger, I could think of nothing but going OUT.
I've read some of your other posts, and wish I could do something for you and the tough time with treatment.
I am grateful that we have the internet to provide amusement, information, with a grain of good sense, and shopping options.
Now-nobody is as cheerful as me-hahaha-weird because I usta be Mrs. Angstmoodymiserableperson. I worked very hard to change my thinking, and found it was possible to change, for every day, is another day to get it right. (credit to my fav author, Andrew Vachss, for that inspiration) Allowing oneself to fail is all part of this process. Acknowledging one's vunerbility in this world, regardless of health situation, is part of it. OK-we cancer folk may recognize our mortality sooner, but remembering that all of us have a limited time to live does help. It is what we do with that information that makes it bearable. Not taking for granted each moment, even the bad ones, helps. When I am home, I dress nicely, do myself up,and find that it helps me to do that. Afer all, I may be the only person looking, but at least I can make it more pleasant.
I go for my pre-treatment blood count appt. today. Then we'll see if I'm still laffin. :))
We, at this forum, support you and your experience. If I can make you smile-a true smile-than I am happy. I believe every laugh kills off a cancer cell.
Keep writing sweetie-it helps, and watch some dumb movies, and try to laugh at all of this. Your attitude is your choice, and don't you forget it!
Huggies to you. (elbow huggies that is)

Geri, hope your numbers are great! Well meaning advice. And MB, I too like to hang at the homefront, except when the doc says stay home, then all I can think of is heading to town. Seems like when I go in it is also for doctor visits, which is a pain, like yesterday, I met a great Neuro doctor to have a test done on my hands and elbow because, (here's where it gets complicated and funny) when I got bucked off my horse and fracture my leg, my Ortho was doing my follow up when I decided to give him my laundry list of complaints, one of which was, "I've had this pain in my left elbow every since I fell down the stairs last May. It only hurts when I do this, (push & lift movements) and seeing it's not going away, thought'd I mention it..." Well you know the drill, get you set up for some tests, which means the referral drill. Two weeks later I meet this wonderful doctor who does the tests on my wrists, (knew I had issues with carpal tunnel issues) and elbows. She kept me in conversation while she zapped me, wasn't bad till she did the test on the muscle response using needles, (damn-that one hurt) anyway, I quickly realized why she kept me in conversation as she worked her way up and down both arms. By time she had finished, I felt pretty light headed and she had me lay down while she got me some water. (What a baby I am) I am twice her size and I think she thought if I hit the dirt it would be hard to get me back up. Well, turns out I need to get the carpal tunnel taken care of, but more important the fall injured the nerve running over the funny bone and it will also require surgery to repair. If it is not repaired the muscle in the arm will waste and the numbness in the fingers (pinkie and ring) will get worst till they won't work. WHAT? I am thinking as an artist this could be a problem, so now I realize my lovely horse did me a great favor by bucking me off so that I'd have to get my shrinking arm taken care of. I meet with my Ortho tomorrow for all the test results. Since last spring I have been so focused on the SLL that I didn't want to complain about the elbow, (like we are only allowed one thing in life to complain about at a time, now choose, LOL) Life is very amusing even in the rotten times! (too long for a tee shirt?) Keep up your spirits, know that you are loved and God always has you in His pocket! Storytime is over now, go take your nap, MB and keep me posted! KBeale

dear kbeale,
glad you are getting that arm problem fixed soon. I've been putting stuff off because i have this NHL. i guess i should see to my other health problems. I'm sorry i was so depressed which my therapist says is contributed to by anemia i have right now. I'm trying to be optimistic but it is hard for me. we are wondering if we get to keep our house this year. long story. so i have a lot to complain about. I'll try to be more open to being positive.


i usually am open to new ideas so give me awhile to get undepressed with this whole cancer thing. I'm just new to cancer and i know it shouldn't encompass my whole life right now. i did make an appointment for my woman's checkup. one step forward.

Mb, you don't ever need to apologize for your emotions during this terribly hard time you're going through! We are here for you, god bless, kathy

mb, I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your posts. I don't have much to add to help in your journey as I have not had to do chemo yet. I can't very well share an experience I haven't had, can I?

I do want to let you know, though, that I am here for you as others are to support you as you go through this journey. You are in the hardest part of fighting this thing because of the toll that the solution extracts from us to beat back the cancer. Just remember that this is what it is doing for you as it has done for many others. The victory is not without a cost but a victory hard won is all the sweeter for it, right?

If you didn't look at my post titled "Never Give Up", you might want to take a peek. I got it from someone else and think it is a great thing to look at when times are tough.

Hang in there, mb, we are all here pulling for you and know that you will get through this trial.

Good health,


Dear mb, I hope that my attempt at adding levity,was not meant to imply what you are going through is nothing, like kerm. I have not gone through treatment. I was just trying to make you smile a little to help with the cabin fever. Hope I did not offend any others in treatment either. I am glad you are posting and hope you get your #'s up where they need to be. Kbeale

i wasn't offended by anyone i was just overtired and I'm climbing the walls being stuck inside the house for this long as I'm used to going somewhere nearly everyday. kbeale and kermia I'm glad i have this support group to support me. I'm usually positive so I'm not sure why I'm so depressed lately. i think going through chemo is taking a toll on me. i struggle to recover from the effects from chemo for several weeks after and i feel well and i go through it again. i will try to look on the brighter side of this monster. mbh456

Sometimes I can be a little too flippant (not sure if that is a real word) and come off as insensitive, just my strange way of dealing with stress. Try and find you on FB again.

Mb don't feel too bad. I just finished my 5th chemo and my white ount always low but I try drink a lot off the immune ensure that helps and change my diet and drink a lot of water if you can. Do not eat any fresh fruits that make you more sick and avoid fresh flowers in the home. If you having fruits it has to be fruit juice or fruits firm the can. Good luck.

i have been looking into ensure as my weight is dropping rapidly. I'll consider canned fruits and juices only as i got sick the other day from eating a raw apple so i learn but sometimes slowly.what kind of ensure do you drink? I'll see if i can find it here. i just got mouth ulcers now so i think something nutritious and cold sounds good about right now. i think my red blood cell count is rising as i have more energy and I'm coping better with exercise.
i get another pet scan in Jan to see how I'm responding to chemo. i hope I'm doing ok. how are you doing? wow 5 treatments. someone suggested a book about recipes and such while going through chemo and I'm definitely ordering it as i have 4 more or more treatments to go. well, i hope everyone is ok. take care. thanks for being there for me. mbh456

I have reciepe book that i received at the treatment center but I don’t really used it. I just change my diet, no fry food, I try to put everything in the oven, like potatoes, vegetables this I stem in the oven also and the doctor told me the othet try to eat a lot of protein so I had steak to my meal at least once a week in the oven also, or i go to one of those restaurant and order one with mashed potatoes and veg. The ensure I am drinking is the for the immune system and nutition. I drink this everyday since am sick but When am off the chemo I try to drink at least two for a day. It helps me alot. Hope this will be more help for you.

what is it about chemo that makes us more sensitive to fatty stuff? i do not eat spicy or fatty foods anymore as i can't digest it. i used to love cheeseburgers but i do not tolerate anymore. I'm noticing my upper stomach is less swollen now that I've had two treatments. I'll look into ensure as I'm losing weight rapidly. i need to lose some but not this fast. how are you doing donette? i was interested in cookbook but it all depends on price as I'm very poor money wise lately. economic times it seems hit us hard. cancer treatment doesn't help either but I'm blessed in every other way. take good care of yourselves. mbh456, marybeth

I never purchase the book, I got it from the treatment center, maybe you could ask them the nurse at your treatment center. If they don't have it you can go online and sometimes you find receipe for cancer patient what to eat.
Cancer doesn't like fatty stuff not the chemo. In the begining you will lose a little wait but after your 3rd treatment if you eat healty you see how quick that weigh creep up on you, which is good. Hope this helps a little..