Blood sugar levels and stroke severity linked

important for diabetics:

"“One reason why people with diabetes can suffer more damage during strokes has been discovered,” reported BBC News. It said a study has found a “ protein which increased bleeding when blood sugar levels are high”.

This study involved an experimental model of a hemorrhagic stroke (a brain bleed) in which the brains of rodents were injected with a small amount of blood. The researchers then measured how far the blood spread through the brain over time. The model was tested in rodents with diabetes and controls with normal blood sugar levels.

The model showed that injecting a protein called plasma kallikrein (PK) into rats’ brains increased the rate that blood spread, and this was even faster in diabetic rats or control rats with high blood sugar. Further study found that a different chemical, which activates a protein called glycoprotein VI, reversed this effect."

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Oh wow, I'm diabetic and had no idea, thanks luke for posting this.