Bluecat We love you!

Beautiful bluecat my dear friend ;)

She made me laugh and enjoy being here!

Please post KIND comments here

I will miss BlueCat as well. She was the first to reach out to me here... and really helped me learn several things about myself. She will be greatly missed. We need to stand by one another here in this group and provide support for each other in this time of need. *Hugs*

Hey everyone how come surfergirl who supported lavender is now

LAVENDERPOWER???????????????????? WHAT??????

Everyone be aware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would BlueCat be asked to leave? She was nothing but supportive, gentle, sweet, helpful and kind. I loved that she was also STRONG, and felt safe here with just knowing she would be here to protect me.

I didn't know her for long, as it took me a while to see that this was a "Nice" community- no harshness, or scary, mean, hurtful people, as I am super-sensitive. When I felt it was safe, I spoke up, and Bluecat was the first to reach out to me, too! I feel a special bond with her, am and saddened that my protector is gone...

It is a sad day, we here certainly don't need this, to lose another friend!?!??? I was just starting to trust in here... :(

What happened to BlueCat and why did she leave? I am so confused.


BlueCat supported me and helped me out substantially. She helped me to stand up for myself, as Shilli did. I will miss her here and I do not agree with her being banned. There were never any issues here with BlueCat before Lavendarpower came and disrupted our small group.

This is no longer a safe haven for me. I cannot feel comfortable asking for help.

Aeral we are still here WE WILL STAND BY YOU AND UP FOR YOU!!! Please keep trying to ride through the feelings and I promise we will as the amazing team we are get the outcome we want as all of you whom I pm know we are on the same PAGE!!



Ethos .When you miss someone you feel it right? When we miss someone we grieve!!! really? YES But thanks for telling me to settle down in pm.. And when I do settle down that you have some 'more' questions for me more questions about BPD? Should that excite me - make me feel validated? Not seen as a frog in a science lab??

I already answered questions for you yesterday and put you onto Tami Green BPD youtube.. feel free to go to her website and ask her questions if you like she is really amazing!

Hope you are getting my point Ethos please try to be a bit more sensitve as yesterday was very tough on a lot of us in here.. We are still trying to adjust.. give me some space please..

Did you flag me Ethos then pm me?

Are you supporting or not??.. I try really hard with nons to work out the way 'they think' and I use distress tolerance skills daily with them so I have some questions for you? You ready?

Nah it is all good..

Lets just calm down ;) and press reset SMILE AND CARRY ON

After finally having a much needed sleep - I bet everyone noticed I was a little bit wired yesterday with good reason and I am sorry if that triggered anyone. I came back here today and re wrote my thread. ;) wisemind kicked in and made me see my lack of use of my skills..

Hope everyone is ok.

I know from now on I will keep my trust only to people I KNOW WELL!

warm hugs sisters

Ethos are u lavender

Aleish hi hun xxx wow I am glad to see you here do not go getting kicked off here PLEASE!!!! I could not cope with anymore losses

It is with great regret when we have to ask any of our amazing members to leave, but when site rules are continually ignored than we must do what is best for the site as a whole.

Wishing you all the best-
Support Groups

Hi support
I know you must have a hard job to try and make this safe for all that use
It must be even hard for you to tell who's here to be malicious and hurtful and who's just having a reaction at the time to a comment or a thread
I just would ask for you to please look into this as a whole and see how we have all been making complaints against lavender but the only person who had made complaints against blue was lavender and all her own other accounts she had made
She is a very unwell woman and even tho I haven't been here for long was able to see from the first 20mins I joined from all her threads
It's hard to judge that when everyone has an option but for us that struggle and live with BPD it's hard to cope with that sort of behavior lavender had being here as it causes a lot
Of us to trigger and react in not the best way
I have never met such an amazing group of people and these support groups have been an amazing place I'm so greatful I finally stumbled across them.
I just ask if please could blue have another chance. I promise unless lavender returns or someone else turns up which could likely happen that is wanting to upset us all you will not have any more issues in this group.
Give us all another chance with blue please
Thanks for listening
Kia kaha x

And also support can u guys look into making an app or a mobile friendly site as it but hard to use on my iPhone but app would be good lol

Sorry I know nothing to do with thread just wanted to ask support

Kia kaha

Thats an awesome idea an app! bluecat misses everyone and sends her love and big warm hug

Well, I am a new member and had just met bluecat and then she is gone--poof. I hope she will be allowed to come back. This site seems very supportive and hope to learn from all of the amazing people in here and give support. We all need supportive people and know someone cares enough to make a difference.

Thanks lilyMae you are right. warm hug :)

Beautiful post Fibro- Well stated. These two ladies are truly amazing and we need them BOTH for support!!! I'm still hoping to see Bluecats name in my PM box... :(

Fibro has just covered exactly how I feel about the situation.

Bluecat was a friend and a vital part of the support that I had here. Am I biased? Yes. I also saw times when she was incredibly defensive and I felt too defensive - but I am a passive person, I am afraid to take a stand. Last week, she stood up for me and it helped me to start to stand up for myself. She validated my feelings, understood them. However - if standing up is what is going to get you banned here, well. I have no reason to not just let things happen as they are and allow myself to be subjected to verbal abuse.

Ethos I see you have many supporters yet you support 0. Why is that?

Also your personal statement on your profile page says


"The brighter the light the darker the shadow"


I know that our group shines BRIGHT! So we know when a DARK SHADOW is upon us.