Board is drying up (pun intended). Maybe that's a good thin

Board is drying up (pun intended). Maybe that's a good thing.

I'm still here. How is everyone else doing?

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Doing great this fine morning how are you doing?

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Fine. Most of my meds are working. It's a nice day. Mostly just bored.

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Me too!!!

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I'm still here. Not much new to report - back still hurts, still wearing diapers to bed.

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Msuspartan - I'm still here. Still wetting. Still wearing diapers. Guess there are worse things in life.

I guess it's just not much to talk about. I'm also still wetting, and still wearing diapers. It feels isolating. Even though others are out there in the same situation, when there is nothing to report or talk about, it feel like you're alone.

@msuspartan - I hear ya. It can feel very isolating. Most other people cannot relate or have any context for what we deal with. Just know you are not alone, no matter who is talking about it. I know I have different points, where I've totally accepted things are this way... and other times when it is a lot harder.

By the way- I think you may have mentioned in the past that you use Abena diapers, right? How are those? I used them to manage things a while back, but they would clump and fall apart. By the time I woke, my diaper would be clumped up mess. Have you had that experience at all? Wondering if I should give them another try... Like many here, I sometimes have very heavy wettings. So I need something that is not going to fall apart but stay in place and absorb everything.


I do use Abena, and I agree with you about the structural integrity of the pulp being lacking. I don’t have a problem with them clumping at night, but if I don’t change quickly in the morning, they are starting to clump, and the filling is all shifting down to the crotch.

I think that I’m a fairly still sleeper. If you have abena breaking down line that during the night, you must be pretty mobile at night.

Gotcha. Yeah that's exactly what happened to me. Kinda frustrating. I must be a pretty active sleeper. Do you typically change first thing when getting up? I typically don't, because my diaper is always wet anyway.

I just tried the Forsite Am/PM diapers and they are amazing. Kinda pricey (I buy on Amazon), but I have never had a leak and it absorbs my heavy voids.

I have been having more day time issues than normal, so I've started to use the Absorbency Plus from XP Medical. Ever tried them? They are actually crazy absorbent and I think they may even work well for nighttime use.

I don’t usually change first thing in the morning, unless I’m dry when I wake up, but that’s rare. I usually put on coffee, and retire to couch until I have to leave the house, or I’m too wet, and need to change before I leak. Weekends, when it might be hours before I change, are when I’m most likely to experience the abenas clumping up badly.

I’ve heard the A+ are very absorbent, and mixed reviews on the foresite. I might try them in the future, but at the moment. The abena send to be sufficient to prevent leaks, and gives the best value.

@msuspartan - same here. I typically don't change right away. It could be a few hours before I change depending on how wet I am and if I have to get out the door that morning. The forsite's did get mixed reviews, but I gave them a shot anyway. Best decision ever. So far they have consistently provided the best protection against leaks. I don't know if it is just a fit thing or what. Only downside is they are very thick. Are you just a bedwetter? Any daytime issues? The forsites are so thick, I would not recommend wearing them during the day.

The biggest challenge relating to bedwetting that I'm having lately is related to family planning. My wife and I both want kids. My wife in particular. But I get so self conscious about wetting the bed thinking about having a little one. Having to explain to a little one my issues. It just is embarrassing for me to think about.

I typically don't really get embarrassed wearing diapers to manage this issue. I typically think that they are the most effective solution to an unfortunate problem. But when it comes to letting anyone outside of my wife know (family and maybe one day, kids), I get super embarrassed. I mean, how many 30 somethings out there really wear diapers? Especially ones that are otherwise completely healthy! Not sure really how to get over it. I would say that some days I've totally accepted it, and other days its a bit harder. That's why I am grateful for support groups and forums like this one. When I'm struggling with it, I can come on and see there are others who do too...

Have a good day @msuspartan... you've always provided some good insights here and I appreciate talking with you via these forums...



I might have to look into the forsite again. I only wet at night, so thickness isn’t really an issue. I wore cloth for a while, but I didn’t like the trouble of constant washing. Where do you order your foresite from?

On the subject of family planning … I have a 3 year old, and one on the way. My son knows that daddy wears diapers at night. He doesn’t think anything of it, or care at all. I used to wonder how I would make a distinction, if I would need to hide it from him, and if it would confuse him during potty training. None of it turned out to be an issue. If you have any specific questions, let me know.

@msuspartan - Thanks for the advice. I am trying not to let the diapers bother me and affect my wife and I's decision to have kids. But it is hard. I'm sure it will turn out to be a non-issue.

Speaking of family, have you told other members of your family? Does bedwetting run in your family? I've considered bringing my dad and brother who I am really close with up to speed on what's going on. Especially since I will see them this fall at their house. Hiding diapers is a lot harder outside the confines of the house...

I typically get the Forsites from Amazon (

Hope they work out for you!

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I’m sure the family planning stuff will turn out fine. There is no ideal situation for having a kid. When you feel the time is right, you just have to bite the bullet and go for it.

I told my mother, and mother in law. We don’t live near family, so any time we visit, it required us to stay overnight with relatives.

The first couple years I hid it during visits. Last year I had a serious medical episode in the fall, so I used that as an excuse to reveal the bedwetting, and wrote it off as a side effect. I didn’t flaunt it or anything, I just let my mothers know, and asked where I should dispose of diapers (instead of smuggling them out of the house). It was much easier, and neither of them judged at all.

Those foresite are quite expensive. I’ll have to pick my moment for those.

School started for me again and it's still making me uneasy/embarrased wearing a diaper at age 14. It's so annoying when I know 90% time I can make it to toilet on time but it's that small chance why I have to wear diapers all the time.

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@xWadey do you know what causes your difficulties?