BorderlinePD has contibuted to yet another break-up

What shall I do? I heard D.B.T. is good...I'm in A.A. and N.A.,but I need to get support and help support others because of these learned behaviors."It takes strength ,to be gentle and kind."-The Smiths Not to mention that I'm dually diagnosed so mixing mental illness,with addictive,what a catch,right?! Hohum..Trying not to feel sorry for myself.I'd like for people who relate of have any kind of comment to share, please.This website seems pretty cool.Just registered today!

Have a great day!

Glad you are here & WE are here for you TOO, so please keep talking or just venting if you feel like it & sometimes its OK to feel a lil down somedays we all do it huh. I admire you for what you are doing to help get some relief & keep going & please keep talking to us so all of us can learn in life.

Take care of you.



When were you diagnosed as a BPD by a health professional?

Do you feel that knowing what your issue is, gives you a better chance of leading a healthy life? I hope you can learn some methods that allow you to live a more healthy life.

Good luck, and please share.


I have had ordinary counselling after being severely abused by my ex partner in everyway you can think of - now 8 years on I seem to have more problems, the couselling was okay to have someone to talk to for a while but did't really change anything. I then 2 years ago had a psychologist for best part of a year and because there was so much going on in my life on a daily basis we didn't really manage to address the real problems from my past but just cope with what was happening at the the time, he was great and very supportive and helped me get through a very difficult time. Now 2 years on I have been ona waiting list for further therapy and after a years long wait I start CAT in august which I'm very thankful for and hoping so desperately that it will help me in someway or anyway really. But yes DBT is a very good therapy if you have the opportunity I would grab it. Also CBT is another good therapy. I hope to go onto one of these afterwards if there is still problems that need attention. Which I personally have no doubt there will be. The very sad thing about BPD is that it's not curable you just have to learn to live with it in a better way from which you learn coping stratagies, methods and mind pattern thoughts from all of the above therapies!! I wish you all the best and luck in the world to changing your life into the one you want take care roxy xx