Both surgeries are done. Was frustrating being bandaged up f

Both surgeries are done. Was frustrating being bandaged up for 10 days but with the help of my family I was well cared for. Have now been released from physio. So nice to have my hands fairly back to normal.

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I'm so glad you are doing well after the surgeries. I hope you continue to have good use of both hands and you're pain-free. Is there anything special you have to do now to protect your wrists? My ex-husband is a web developer and he learned the DVORAK keyboard because it's supposed to be much easier on our wrists. Have you tried DVORAK? I still use QWERTY, I have too many years and too much speed invested to spend time learning a new keyboard. I guess if I have enough pain I'll invest the time in learning DVORAK. I have carpal tunnel in both hands, but I haven't had the surgeries. Once I quit work to be a stay-at-home mom my hands stop hurting as much or as often.
I really hope you continue to get better and better!

@GirlKitty nothing special at this point. My job doesn’t require a lot of computer work so I was told to just continue with strengthening exercises and stretching.

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