Boyfriend cheated but will break up with me if I look throug

Boyfriend cheated but will break up with me if I look through his accounts again. I keep signing in while he’s at work and I don’t like what I see sometimes. I can’t tell him because I don’t want him to feel like he’s the one in the right when he’s the one crossing lines emotionally. I know it’s wrong to invade privacy but he’s done so much worse to me. He always lies and I don’t know what to do. I’m scared I’ll never find someone who I’ll love like I love h I’m and I don’t want to risk screwing up my daughters life because of my resentment and jealousy

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Really? Why are you allowing him that kind of power over you. I was ready to walk away from my husband of 25 years because of his affair. Yes him and my sons were my whole world but you know what I'm a d@mn good woman/wife/mother and I deserve better treatment than that. Hes deleted his social media accounts, I have access to his phone anytime, he sends videos of where he's at, and hes told our sons, family and friends and some coworkers about his affair. He takes full responsibility and still I question staying sometimes.

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What is it you love so much about a man who thinks he has a right to be offended that you don’t trust him when he’s proven himself to be totally untrustworthy? Hon, if you don’t believe you deserve better and demand better, you won’t get it. Take your power back. Take your life back. Make some tough choices now that will result in a better future down the road. Set an example for your daughter of how a woman should be treated and what she should put up with. He’s darn lucky to be getting a second chance imo.

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The three of us chose to stay, but I think you need to understand that our husbands took huge steps to taking responsibility and doing what we needed to rebuild trust. I'm still early, but I would be out the door if my husband was acting like your boyfriend. If my husband decided to break up with me because of the demands I'm making, I'd say "Don't let the door hit you on the way out." He has to earn YOUR trust. He has not earned privacy at this point.

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You deserve someone who feels the same way about you that you feel about them. If your boyfriend does not have anything to hide then why would he care if you look in his accounts? You and your child should be his only focus not another woman. Do you want to live your life having to constantly check up on him to make sure he is being faithful? Focus on you and your daughter let him see that you do not need him to be happy, it is your choice to let him be in your life he needs to realize that, it sounds like he is treating you that way.

"But he's done so much worse to me!" Why are you staying with this man? He cheated and does other things to you that are bad? And you have a child who is witnessing all of this? And yet you love this guy? I don't get it. I may not be the brightest bulb in the lamp, but for your safety and that of your daughter you need to get away from this guy.

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Not worth the effort, just leave him

@MrsEm From what I have read, I do have to agree