My boyfriend is 27 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma about two months ago. We he was first diagnosed, his doctor said he was in between stages two and three. He just now got a PET scan this past Wednesday and got the results back today. He is now in stage four. He finally starts chemo Tuesday. Is it normal that his doctors waited this long? He was diagnosed almost two months ago and is now just going to start chemo. We have no idea what to expect. If someone could just give me so words of hope or something I would appreciate it. I've never been this scared in my life.

How was he originally diagnosed? In other words, what test-- PET, bone marrow, biopsy-- was used to stage him two months ago?

What has happened in the two months since his first dx and now these PET results? Meaning what have the doctors had him do-- anything?

Although I don't know yet how he was originally diagnosed, my guess is going to be that the initial staging was wrong, and that he's likely been III or IV for the last two months.

You want some words of hope, I'll give you some: About 40 years ago a guy named Sidney Farber changed the lives of people with blood cancers, especially Hodgkin's. Back then, it was incurable. Today, thanks in large part to Farber's pioneering work, the cure rate--- that's CURE rate, a word that is never used lightly in cancer circles --- for Hodgkin's lymphoma, even when it's stage IV, can be as high as 85%.

Every other cancer in the world looks to the advancements made in Hodgkin's in the last few decades as a model of how to approach cancers successfully. There is likely no other cancer that has been so thoroughly studied and researched as Hodgkin's. It's a very well understood disease. This doesn't mean everyone survives HL, they don't. But many more do, and go on to lead normal lives.

Now, let's get back to those questions...

He was originally diagnosed with a biopsy. The doctors did not really make him do anything between the biopsy and the PET scan he had last week. All they really told him to do was to eat lots of green vegetables and get lots of sleep and just take it easy.

His first chemo treatment was this morning and I just thought that was such a long time for someone with cancer to wait since it’s been almost two months since he was diagnosed.

Thank you for those words of hope, Ross.

do you know that since it is a viral cancer you can get the cancer as well... that is what i read...and also hav ben told!!there is a risk of transmission from deep kissing....
do u give french kiss deep kiss to ur boyfriend??
has anyone told u so...

i was at a club and this female came up to me deep kising me and did not let me go all end she said im suffering from H.D .Hodgkins Lymphoma. and she showed me her thin hair to prove she had chemo ... now im afraid she has transmitted the viral cancer to u know anything about this???
do u still kis ur bf??

Of course I still kiss my boyfriend because what you have been told and have read is wrong. Please get your information straight about stuff like this. I found this post to be disrespectful and not related to my original post at all.

Hodgkin's is not a 'viral cancer', or a cancer caused by a virus.

There is NO RISK of transmitting Hodgkin's via 'deep kissing'.

Thin hair is no proof of chemotherapy, or cancer. All it proves is thin hair.


ii hav read on internet that doctors do not know the exact that means deep kissing g is not excluded!! also othere said that a virus is always a virus and body liquids can trandfer that is y im worried this girl tru deep kissing could hav given me HD and i will know only years later!!
so i hav not gone off my worry..u tell me jesus was betrayed by a kiss so y not use a kiss to trnsmit a kiss.. and we guys are more acepting..wen a female sisses us... i should hav shoved her a way..!! i can never be sure..!!

You're using the wrong term. There is not a single iota of evidence, anywhere, that Hodgkin's lymphoma is the kind of disease that is "transmitted". You're right in that doctors don't know how one person or another develops HL, but that doesn't mean that some ways haven't been more or less ruled out. Your argument is that because doctors can't say how a person gets HL means that it can happen in any way imaginable. Common sense alone is enough to sack that argument.

Now, the evidence that some cancers are indeed caused by a virus is mounting. But HL is not among them. There is some evidence that links EBV, the virus responsible for Mono, with the development of a very, very aggressive subtype of lymphoma known as Burkitt's. But this doesn't mean that one causes the other, this means that there is an association that may hold true in some cases.

With all due respect, in the future remember that saying "I read on the internet ...." is the very quickest way to discredit what you're about to say--- unless you provide links to your sources.


I've had it. This is not what I expected from a support group. I will be deleting this account and I will get help somewhere else. Thank you, Ross. I appreciate you actually trying to help unlike Krismale4u.

ined help coz im going crazy from reading all this ..and from reading internet sites... one saidddddd u cannot be sure of transmission because medical knowledge does not know about it it does not mean it does not existso i expect persons with h.d. to be prudent!! that is al imasking.. i would not wish to e in astuation wer i spread the disease even if remotely!!

next time i keep the website name ok.. to tell you sorry for that i try to se if it has been recorded in the histroy of my computer or ti ?? and i tell u ok..