BPD AND JEALOUSY: I hope this can stay up at the top of th

I hope this can stay up at the top of this forum somehow. Borderline personality disorder is a serious diagnosis. One of the main components is a fear of abandonment. This fear is huge with BPD. I have extreme jealousy and it is indeed due to the fear of abandonment. I know that jealousy can be normal, but if anyone's coming to a support group like this, they must have pretty significant jealousy. It can overwhelm you and consume you. You're constantly thinking that they want someone else or they're looking at someone else or wondering about their past. Or you're even jealous about what comes on the TV when you're watching together. This was me, all of it. People with BPD have more intense emotions than the average person does. It's estimated to be 100 times more and I'm not kidding. The emotional pain and the fear of abandonment is literally said by experts in BPD that we have the equivalent of third degree burns on 90% of our body. That is the kind of mental agony this is. I hope nobody else has this, but it's worth looking into just in case. The jealousy does stem from a fear of abandonment and you don't want to end up like me, facing a divorce that I don't want along with this diagnosis I don't want. You don't have to meet all the criteria but this part of BPD is so huge. I thought I was just extremely jealous, but no. This is so much more serious. So I thought everybody should be aware of the link. It also has the highest suicide rate amongst all other brain disorders. 80% of people with BPD will try to end their life and one 1 of 10 will succeed. This is 50 times more than the general population. BPD is serious and I want people to be aware of this. Please reach out if you'd like more information. Thank you.

This is an excellent share, thank you. It is beyond helpful to be informed and aware of how your diagnosis may effect you and how and what you can do to live your life in the best way possible.