Bravery with a muffin and a side of full fat milk :)

Today I conquered the world, I became myself, I am happy even though the clouds are dark and its been raining all day. I almost want to dance in it.

I woke up and had cereal, which I enjoyed because I LOVE cereal! Food is sooo good! Why do I not eat? Good question! And I felt nauseated this morning. I did not use that as an excuse as not to eat.

Evenually my stomach felt better and I had some lunch :) And after class, I was again hungry! SO I got myself chai tea with whole milk and a muffin. It was so yummy. I just want to eat and be happy. You don't need to scarf food down, it will always be there. And just eat until you are full, not uncomfortably full, but just enough. I can do that. And it makes me happy, no longer depressed. I can do this!

Thinking of all of you!


Wow Allee...thats friggin amazing <3 I love the change in CAN conquer the world girl <3

allee, this is just wonderful!! you're finding the joy of food again, something that is so important und you learn again how good it is for you. i'm incredibly happy for you. all i can say is: goodbye ED :-)


i am glad to hear you are doing well right now. keep up the good work. you are worthy of being ED free.


This post was so very inspiring to me. Thank you so much for sharing. It is often extremely hard to see the positive in actually eating. Reading this made me think about what foods do I truly enjoy, and how do I go about actually liking food. I have some major emotional HW to do tonight. This was really great to hear and read. I thank you:)

:) I really like this part "You don't need to scarf food down, it will always be there. And just eat until you are full, not uncomfortably full, but just enough" that you wrote. I'm so happy for you!


i love the change in attitude. you can do anything if u set ur mind to it. thats just amazing. keep up the great work.

Thanks everyone! You are right liz! You can do anything you set your mind to! I have no idea where my positivity came from. Maybe from the fact that Thanksgiving break is soon and I get to spend it with my boyfriend. I am counting down the days and he always makes me feel better! He makes me feel amazing a beautiful and I get that not only for a weekend but for a week! I feel so lucky. And for the first time in a while ED did not plague me today. I love the days that are easy, though partnered with the hard ones as well, it is worth it to see the light. The further in recovery you go the more you see the light and less of the darkness, the more you look in the mirror and think, "hey I am pretty, I am beautiful!"


Good for you Allee! Take it one meal, one day at a time, and please remember that we are all here cheering for you and supporting you!! HUGS..Jan ♥

this is sooo awesome --i had waffles with strawberries and whip cream the other day --man was it good!


This is exciting, I am so so happy for you! I often forget that there are foods that taste good!
One meal, one hour, one day at a time!!!! Keep up the amazing work : )

Hey Allee,
Great post, so happy for you and that you are looking at food just as it should be looked happy for you.
And maybe one day you will head out and have a splash in the rain, why not? :)

Love to you
Moongal x