Breaking down issues into smaller parts

I am supposed to break down the problem of overreacting to things into smaller parts and I am having a lot of trouble with this.

have you been given advice as to how to do this? can you give an example? i certainly would struggle with it myself. but i hope it will work for you!


I would say do what works for may take some trial and error until you find a proper coping tool.

so far I can only come up with hearing or seeing the situation and reacting(usually crying and not being able to stop)

do you try to analyse the thoughts or emotions that are caused by the situation?
ever heard of the CBT cycle?

Try when seeing the situation to STOP & count to 10 before reacting, if you need to count longer then do that. You'd need to give yourself enough time to assess the situation BEFORE reacting.

Example: plate fell on the floor.....count......pick up the plate. In other words nobody died from the plate dropping.

It not the best example but I'm trying, unless you want to get a little more personal & give us an example of what your upset about & crying????

It can be anything from reading the subject of a post, seeing that something was not done, being yelled at, being ignored, thinking about calling my parents

what is the CBT cycle?

it's actually very much what april referred to.

basically certain situations trigger a response/reaction. that reaction is influenced by emotions/thoughts/experiences/interpretation about/of the situation. so it is down to yourself to interupt this cycle at any chosen point.
take your example of being ignored.

situation: a friend walking past you, not saying hello.
thought/interpretation: they ignored me
current feeling: anger, sadness etc.
reaction: crying, going home selfharming, screaming etc
experience/interpretation: i'm unlovable, i'm ugly

then next situation...

at any point could ou interrupt this cycle e.g. by asking yourself why did they not say hello. they simply didn't see me. it has nothing to do with how i look.
or if you did get angry, you could try tell yourself they are not worth it. i will relax now rather than get angry and so on.

so just like april says: think before you react.

that maybe any help??

here's a link for more detail: