Breaking electronics

Okay, so I have anger management. Bad. I will first off tell you back in November of 2009; my mom was having family problems...that soon affected my life style..
The same day, I took my pocket knife to my t.v, cut the screen up, punched it 5 times, the 6th punch sent it through the wall. Now, i'm only 16...and my Dad and my friend both witnessed me...(believ me please, I know this sounds fake) I bent a bike's handle bars into place...after my friend almost broke my bike. (which means I would have to walk home in the rain, with a messed up bike) and this was 2 years ago!

I got so mad at my computer before, I kicked it...and I had to replace the whole thing...
Just recently...I punched my laptop, which then broke...because it wouldn't load up my IM's fast enough on facebook (when it said, I had perfect connection)
There is a lot more...but this is enough to say, help me?

Guardian613, go talk to someone. you are young and need some help in how to control your anger. Talk to your parents about taking you to see a doctor/psychiatrist to get some assistance. Have you talked to any before about why you do that or what it is that makes you act that way?

There ARE reasons your angry & punching things. As Victoria mentioned would be wise to talk w/your family or someone that you trust to help guide you to the right assistance & help you figure out WHY your acting out & then they could offer some behavior modification/coping skills for you to try. Trust me you dont want to carry this over into your adulthood, thats why so many fall into the jail system instead of getting some help BEFORE.

Your post was a couple weeks ago, have you thought about other options yet?