Breastfeeding lowers moms diabetes risk

more breastfeeding benefits, now for moms, it can lower risk of diabetes:

"The benefits of breast-feeding are well documented. Breast milk is the healthiest and safest food for babies and it’s easy to digest. Breastfeeding and breast milk contribute to every part of baby’s development including physical, emotional, and perhaps even intellectual. Babies who are breast-fed have fewer infections such as colds, ear infections and diarrhea. Breast milk can even help prevent childhood obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

Most mothers who have breastfed will tell you the benefits they receive are significant as well. Breastfeeding helps establish an emotional bond unlike anything else a mother does to nurture her child. But there’s more.

Breastfeeding is good for a mother’s health, too."

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makes me feel guilty that my tribe werent breast fed but im glad that the benefits are amazing

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

i read that a lot of women feel bad, but you shouldn't. studies are always changing about what's good. i'm sure your kids are great.