Broke up with my bf of 7 years. Said he needed time to find

Broke up with my bf of 7 years. Said he needed time to find himself. It hurts, because I felt that I did everything right as a girlfriend, and even till now, I feel like kicking myself in the head because I inadvertently still am hoping he would come back, even if my brain tells me otherwise. I'm glad I found this site, because it makes me feel a little less alone. I guess I just need to hear someone tell me that it'll be ok, even if I can't seem to convince myself.

I can understand it is frustrating to be left alone after you invested so much time and effort in this relationship but you are right,it will be better.Being alone it's not such horendous as it may seem at first,it may even become better after a while,be patient.

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Seven years is a long time, so you can't expect to recover in a short period of time. Try to keep busy, surround yourself with positive people, and know that better days are coming, and being alone isn't the end of the world.

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Sorry you are going thru this! Hugs! Sounds like that 'seven year itch'.

@bebobaBetty yep that’s exactly what it was cryyyy thank you so much for your support hugs hugs

How are you now? Have you talked to him recently?

@Deadpool Nope. Trying to really strictly implement the whole no contact thing. Driving me a bit crazy every now and then, so I’m distracting myself as much as I can! I feel ok, there are ups and downs but I’m really just letting myself go through the process a day at a time

Haha. I never had a relationship that lasted more than 4 months but I know how it feels to keep yourself from not contacting them again. One thing, if he feels lost and needs the time to find himself, do yourself some justice and move on. If he needed to find himself again, he could have done it with you in it. It would have been much easier. And if he really planned to have you in his future life, he would have tried to find himself while you were beside him. I know what Im saying sucks and maybe you're still hoping for him to come back. But will he still be the same when and if that time comes? Just saying you should give your heart a little break. :)

The no contact role can be a blessing. Really take this time to focus on yourself and to stay true to who you are during the breakup. My bf of 5.5 years broke up with me and we didn't have contact for 2 months and then he finally reached out to me. I can be certain that he will eventually come through and want contact with you again. Hang in there <333

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