Brother Almost Committed Suicide for Business Failure. Can Anyone Relate?


My brother has recently experienced a major business failure that has wiped him out completely along with a bankruptcy he will be filing soon. He is now 26, but has built himself a very successful life until he was wiped out recently. This failure has led him to the point of suicide (which he didn't do thank God!! He checked himself into a hospital), but he is suffering from severe depression and anxiety because of it and it is not subsiding. He sees absolutely no hope in rebuilding because he has no money to start up again. He has nothing in his bank to even support himself anymore. His hope has been severed and he simply cannot escape his depression and anxiety. He is really suffering.

PLEASE!! Is there anyone out there that has experienced failure such as this and has felt the absolute hopelessness such as this and can offer support, encouragement, words of wisdom? He is under so many anti-depressants, etc. to help him, but I really feel the most effective way is human connection. Someone who knows exactly what he's going through..... I am DESPERATE for his recovery. Anyone out there that can relate? Please help.


Hey there. I have a bit of a similar story but this happened to me in high school. In 10th grade I had the best teachers you could imagine. They supported me and showed me my gifts and achievements I had made during the year. Of course, not everything last forever. Eventually I started 11th grade and everything went down hill. My dyslexia caused me problems in school, I failed courses, I arrived late, and I felt as if the teachers I had before were gone. I thought they did not care because I was no longer there student. I felt alone and scared. Then one day I broke and I cut myself and there were times I thought about suicide. Eventually it got out of hand and I told an adult. This adult was my 10th grade English teacher. He was always there for me. I could talk to him and he would listen. He even got me to tell my parents that I was cutting and hurting myself. I was failing Spanish and he was able to find me away to drop the course. He did so many little things to help me.

Of course thinking happy thoughts and thinking that life is great did not come over night. It took me until the beginning of summer vacation to realize it. If I could say one thing to your brother, it's that there is always someone there watching out for you. You may not know it now, but you will find that person. This person could be a family, friend, co-worker, etc. Once your brother finds that person, I'm sure he'll find away to keep going because that person will believe in him.

When you have depression, you just need one person to believe in you to keep going and moving forward. Times for your brother may be "crappy" but it will get better. These things happen to a lot of people. He should also learn that he is not alone. There's always someone out there who suffers too.

I wish your brother luck.