Bullied as a child

When I was a child about the age of 11/12. I was very badly verbally bullied by about 9 girls in my class. They would leave me out, call me a slut behind my back (even though I had not even kissed a boy yet).

I remember one incident where they all stayed over at a neighbours house for a sleep over, i of course wasn't invited, but they all arrived over at my house, I'll never forget coming out thinking oh they all want to be friends with me again...but instead they said...we're kicking you out of the school band...and ran away like cowards.
My mam saw what happened and was so mad she went straight over to the parents and she said the reception she got was so weird, because if we ever did that to a child, we would be hung drawn and quartered, but nothing was really said.
Thank God I had about 2 friends who I could rely on.

Now looking back I realise that they were just jealous girls who were peeved because I was friends with a lot of boys and was one of the most talented musicians in the band who always got a solo piece.

But everytime I think about that day it upsets me so much; and now they have arranged a class reunion which I don't want to go to, to be honest, why should I go and pretend to be friends with these people?

I'm sure there are a lot of people on this site who suffered at the hands of bullies...would be good to hear your stories.

And your a lucky girl to have such a mom to step in huh. I always did that for my boys too. This does stay with people for years to come & I for one have been spreading the word for over 15yrs. now along w/millions of others out there. I will be watching over my grandson when he starts school in 4yrs. thats a fact.

It really does April, i remember me begging her not too, but she went when I was in my room. And the next week we had to take a class trip so she had to call the teacher and just asked them to keep and eye out. I really didn't want to go. School changed after that incident for me, I wasn't as happy as I was anymore.

I know there are people out there who are suffering from bullying or know of someone who is and it's just so awful. So to anyone out there that has a story please tell it.

Loads of Love to you
Moongal x

Moongal, I am sorry for what you went through. I can't quite understand the purpose and reasoning behind bullying others. This topic has really come to light in the media and I am hearing more and more about it as of late. What kids put other kids through when they bully is absolutely awful. And, you are so right, jealously has a lot to do with it. I also think that it's some kind of power play, it makes these bullies feel superior and proud. It's quite sad.

I love that you realize that this was out of jealousy because you were such a talented musician and friends with the boys. Somehow, I've noticed even from my youth that those who bullied didn't really end up anywhere and those who were bullied ended up on top. I that I have to say is KARMA.....

Thanks Puppy, it was bad for me I felt so lonely and at the time all you want to do is fit in. Sometimes if I feel left out of things I get that rush back of how things were. I think it could be why I let alot of things slide with me, because I don't want to be isolated from people. But again ya know life is all a rich tapestry really.

It's just when I hear horrific stories of young people killing themselves it makes my heart ache. And now it is coming in all sides...via the internet, or texting for these poor kids.

And I'm sure parents don't know what do to either. They are afraid if they tell they will only make things worse.

Bullies are cowards, they go home and they have all their mates to pick on one defenseless person...and depending on impact it had on that person, they can remain feeling bullied for the rest of their lives.

It just makes me sick to think about it. I hope if anybody reading this does reach out for help, if they are, or know of anyone being bullied.

Loads of Love to you
Moongal x

Moongal, I'm so sorry that those feelings still come rushing over you, that's awful. I really understand how bad it can be; I had kids making fun of me throughout my younger years for one reason or another and even in high school I didn't really know where I fit in. The clicks were so tight and the "popular" girls were vicious. I hear about what's happening in this day and age with bullying and it's horrifying. I do believe that bullies are the cowards and those who are bullied will come out on top.

I think that this needs to be more and more prevalent in the media, so that maybe teachers and parents are even more aware and can implement more awareness in schools. This really does make me so very sad, and I pray for all those helpless children that are being bullied.

Love you guys & have to say (which you already know) BULLYING STARTS AT HOME, it IS up to all of us out there to START AT HOME teaching, leading w/love, guiding w/positiveness, compassion, respect, think it through.

My now 18yr. old (when he was 8) would come off the bus crying about jokes that were made in reference to me, FAT MAMMA JOKES, I never let him know this, I use to laugh within myself cause I'm 5'4" 112 lbs., so I would just listen & be there to console, hug, talk more & step up if & when necessary so the situation would not escalate within him or anyone else, SO now HE IS the ONE to take control of a situation that MAY go further than NEED be & try to assist to mediate it.

April, that's such a great example of how to work through a bullying situation. Kids can be so very cruel and unnecessarily so. I really don't understand it. And, I really agree in that it does begin at home. Teaching respect to yourself and others, showing love not hate, showing that we are all equal regardless of height, weight, background, etc.