Bullying - Let's raise awareness

Hi Guys,
This was recently set up and I'm so grateful for supportgoups.com for doing it.
It has come to my attention how many people suffer at the hands of bullying - both verbal and physical...it is such an awful thing to happen to anyone.

And it is not isolated to school kids, it can happen in college, at work, amongst any group of people really.

So I'm asking people if they are someone, know of someone, or are related to someone who is being bullied to share your story.
I think sharing could really help those who are in this situation just to realise they are not alone, as much as they may feel that at present.

Love to you all
Moongal x

thanks for bringing this up moongal. the one important thing you wrote, that i don’t think people are aware of, is that bullying does not just occur in school to young kids, but it can happen to adults as well at work or elsewhere. Thanks for sharing that point to make people aware.

Thanks Victoria,
Absolutely my sister was bullied at her workplace, by a co-worker who was inappropriately flirting with her, this co-worker was married, I might add and when she disregarded the attention he just completely isolated her and would make snide comments at her to the point where she had to leave.

He was her head nurse in one of the hospitals, they begged her to stay because they loved her there but she couldn't take it anymore, they said they are keeping watch and if another complaint is lodged they will take action.

She has had to see a therapist over this, it absolutely has shattered her work confidence and I know she is afraid it will happen again. I have recommended she had notes from her therapists to her complaint to ensure that if this happens again something will be done.

So it's not just in school yards, it goes all the way up the ladder. So no one need be afraid to speak out...they're not alone even though you may feel you are.

Love to you
Moongal x

I am so sorry about your sister, moongal. It is really sad when adults do this. When its on the playground you can blame it on kids not knowing better, but there is no excuse for adults to ever act that way.

I hope that she does better and that seeing her therapist will help her to move forward in a positive manner. I know with time she will get better and be stronger from this experience.

It seems that bullying is becoming more prevalent nowadays especially with the internet. I hope this group and posts will help people to be open to what is happening to them so we can work to stop it.