Busy Morning

Ok - I am tired now - again. Got up early, I took my youngest daughter to work and had breakfast with her there at McDonalds before she was to start work. Then it was off to do grocery shopping. I stopped in to see my middle daughter at her job and talked with her for a little bit and had a donut and diet coke. She hasn't been sleeping well. Please pray for her. I left there and stopped by the house for a few to drop off some groceries then left to finish up grocery shopping at another store. Came back home - message on the phone from youngest daughter. She wanted a little money to buy some food with. I went to see her at work and gave her some money. I came back home and put groceries away. I put some chicken breasts on to boil to make chicken and pastry later. Now I am going to sit for a bit and catch my breath.

I have been seeing more of my middle daughter this past week. That is a big plus. :)


i dont know where u find time to catch your breath but im glad the middle one is back on the scene so you dont need to worry

although i know u do its the mother in us

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)