Buy and Return

Does anyone else buy lots of clothes/things/even groceries and then return them? I have spent over a $1000 on clothes/target items and have returned all of it. I go shopping because it makes me feel good and i like looking and collectiong things that i like, but i cannot afford it. I recently went to tj max and shopped for an hour collecting things that i liked and eventually put them all back.
what other hobby can i adopt that is similar but not as harmful?

You might try having someone hire you to shop for them, (I have heard of this before) or find a job where you can decorate for them like "Staging Homes" or display windows if you have a nack for it, regardless if you sense that your using it to feel better or have a sense of intitlement mentality then one should really seek some counseling if affordable, cause taking them back is just going in a circle even if its a good thing that your not purchasing everything that will eventually spiral you into being homeless at a point.

Take care of you.


i do a lot of this , mainly shopping then unshopping. It is euphoric for that time when you convince yourself that you are a valuable customer. I have spent hours in walmart especially, doing this.

Hey plentiO, am sure that can also get tiring somedays too huh & then the drop feeling of "what did I spend" looming overhead. Sounds like you understand the reason why you do this & what your filling, am glad your here & being brave enough to talk it through.

Take care of you.


everything i buy i keep. but i do look in catalogues, circle what i want, size, color, qty, etc...add it all up, add up the shipping and tax...what i'd get off if i use a coupon...then, i take the catalogue and list and toss them in the trash. yes, it gives me a rush...but usually, i can't afford it. but a lot of times, that does not stop me.

I've done the shopping and returning things for many years, mostly with online shopping. I would feel so excited about placing this huge order and waiting for it to arrive. After it arrives, its fun for a little while and then that feeling turns more into a "wow how much money did I just waste?" and I end up returning it all, or most of it. And then the process starts all over again. I've recently come to the point where I am realizing how much time I have wasted in shopping AND returning all of this "stuff." I've now decided to put my sewing talents to good use and sew the clothes that I would like to buy instead (especially for my kids too). Maybe you would want to try taking up sewing or a different crafting hobby and create things that you like.

Hi, I'm new here and this post caught my attention. I WISH I had returned most of what I bought! Usually the 'rush' lasts long enough that I don't return the items, or I feel too attached to them. After a while the feeling does wear off, usually after the return period is over, then I'm stuck with the stuff and the bill. I started selling things on Ebay to try to get some of the money back.

Toooldforthis excellant idea., consignment stores are another option & good for you ebay.

Rebecca, my mother sewed all our clothes, I'm the forth child so I got more handmedowns & to this day I've always been very good w/money.

Keep up the good work ladies.


sometimes i would return items, just so that i had money to buy new stuff that i wanted. lately, i have also been using ebay to resell a lot of stuff that i had purchased and not even used, except this time the money is NOT going towards new purchases. so far so good!

That’s awesome! I need to do the same - quit buying more stuff w/ my Ebay $, and put the $ toward paying down my credit card.

Pay the highest rate credit card first, I use to be w/CCCS in '94 & just didnt see the long term ramifications of what credit debt was creating. One really has to watch out for their own future as credit card companies arent doing us any favors for our stupidity. THEY ARE A BANK & in business to MAKE MONEY.

I love my shredder now :)

April and other posters-Great advice. I am a compulsive buyer/returner. i absolutely HATE this part of me. I feel I need to be very very busy and otherwise productively occupied in order to stop the shopping craziness. When in a stressful, demanding job or in graduate school I wouldn't have dreamed of all the shopping I have been doing this past decade.
I was too busy and wrapped up in productive things.

Since then, and in a relatively un-demanding job, I have done lots and lots of shopping/going into debt/finally getting clear of the debt, returning many items/selling stuff on Ebay/then buying more stuff on ebay-all unnecessary...I have vowed not to go to that "place" any more.

I joined Debtor's Anonymous, handed over the plastic to my husband, closed the accounts, and now am starting to feel free. I would not be at this point in my life if not for DA, and the support of my husband.

I feel responsible for my actions, yet I do see the banks/credit card companies and advertisements as fuel for this disorder. It is like alchohol or any other addiction, and it is very hard to stay sober.

Thanks for listening. Abigail