hi am 26 female. I don't know where to start well my for 21 year now my father have been hitting me with wood with hose , his hand hit my head in the wall and tie me to bed for days without any food but one pice of bread and salt my mom use her hand and bit brother used to touch me when am sleep and play this game with me when he have sex with me and make me watch porn but i guess this my fault he was only 2 year older then me i still have night mare that he is touching me when am sleep and he think that and ok with it i wake up saying know. I can't sleep if any one just stand infront of my room i walk up he stop since i was 14 because i said i will told day if try . But then he try to touch my youngest sister so i told my father . He hit us for alot of reason but he didn't even shout at him don't know why . I don't have right to make any decision even in what to wear my job non .the only solution is to leave the house but the problem is that if i did that i have to leave the country(egypt) but where do i go i thought to go canada or uk or usa but the problem . I have to find work there first to get work visa i don't know what to do. I am muslim but i don't beleive in this religion but mom said am the devil and she will kill me if i ever said that again.i used to cut my self to feel better and i try to suicide befor but my family don't know Am thinking about killing my self ever day . Any one tell me what to do should i end my life .please help me and so tired

Please, don't kill yourself. The anguish must feel unbearable but I believe that everyone in this world is precious and special. I don't know what type of help is available,but reach out to someone. There is always a reason to continue to live. Even if you can't find it right now believe me it is there. Take life one day at a time and if needed one minute at a time.Feel free to write. You are important!don't give up now.....

no why out but that

i tryed. But i cann't sleep dreaming with my father and brother hurting me. I can leave the house they will kill me. The only way is to leave the country . But then i have find job . The only way to be free is to die. I wanna die that is enough

oh hun, i've felt just as you do now it's over whelmingly powerful. i'm so sorry. there is always another way out. it's just hard to see thru our pain. please look in your area for a womans shelter. you are a precious jewel sweetheart don't give in, don't give up. please look for some help in your area, you do it! please let us know how your doing

Hold on honey help is on the way! There is someone who loves you more than anyone or anything. It may not seem like it now but there is a god who is on your side. I am not going to tell you who god is to you. To me no one has the right to do that. Your god can be anyone a bird god buddah a tree a support group a heavenly father Jesus ......the list goes on.What does matter is that he is LOVING and more POWERFUL than yourself. This is what I have learned to be a higher power. Then just believe that this god is there for you and will get you through to a new and better day. I know there is hope and love. I know because my belief in my god has got me to where I am today. I made so many mistakes along the way before I got to where I am now. This last time I attempted suicide it almost killed me. I was in ICU in a coma. It may not seem possible but hold fast and cry out to your god. It doesn't matter who or what you call him.... But please call him.

Thank you all for caring and reply to me. We have on women shelter in egypt women is not importent when i told my mother about my brother she said he is boy so it's my mistake and i have to deal with it . We got in fight not time and my brother strangle me until i couldn't move my neck for two day.when my other sister told mom . She didn't talk to him she talk to me and said he is kind i must drive him to do that. She always beleive his lies and he hurt me all the time.he screw over my study my job. It like me being sad make him happy.and he lies alot he swear with god and lie . I really don't know what to do. But i wanna it to stop i wanna be happy and smile not fake just have is it too much am i greedy.i know their is people worth the me but maybe am weak i just can't take it

wish i could help you hun. please keep posting and let us know how your doing. your in my prayers.

You now my family is not bad my father is very kind if i didn't cross him my mom too . They give me all the money that i wanna. Clothe and food they protect me from out sider but the never trust me and i am not allow to even choose my clothe and if i cross them they will kick my ***

Thank you . You help me by talking to.

oh hon warms my hheart that i can lighten yoour load some. know your in my prayers daily. how are things going? any better? any plans for moving on?

I am so glad this helps.sometimes just expressing your feelings really gives you a sense of direction in a time of turmoil. It is nice to know that just me taking a moment to comment can lighten your load.

odarkangel, how are things going, have'nt heard from you in awhile?

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