Can anyone relate to this... so whenever I'm talking with a

Can anyone relate to this... so whenever I'm talking with a guy, once I hear/see one thing I don't like its like game over. And I end up blocking him. Even though he did absolutely nothing wrong. Sometimes I feel like I sabotage myself when it comes to possible happiness. I've done this with so many guys...I've probably robbed myself of potential things. Oh well.

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What kind of things are you saying game over to?

@TennisPlayer doesn’t have to be anything really, some guy was just being nice trying to get too know me and I blocked him. I’ve done this with many guys, for no reason.

I've been doing this for yrs though. I don't even believe in dating, but its like I can't even get to know someone normally anymore.

@CKarma yea before I even started hormones. I just idk have an attitude I guess. I’ve come a long way though…my dad even knows that. But I still have my days. I guess I kind of feel like no one can take care of me so I take care of myself and push people away easily for fear of ending up hurt again. Not sure.

We all do this I myself do it and think maybe I'm to picky but o think it's common cause we don't want to waste our time on something we believe will fail

Maybe just start out as just friends and try not to put expectations on it. The fear of getting hurt is a powerful thing and causes us to often self sabotage.

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For me what you do is ok, rather than wasting you time for someone you feel uncomfortble with.

R18, I do agree with you on the fact of if someone is making you uncomfortale not to go any futher. It is hard this day and age to no who is genuine and who is not. I myself have been trying online to find someone bc I am tired of the lonliness,but I myself find it hard to find someone who is interested. I just keep hope!

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@Mikef01 yes keep your hopes high. Eventually when you see or talk to that particular person, you can just simply feel the magic :slight_smile: #hopelessromanticme

Yeah my friend Joe seems to find girls like that.Vane little self absorbed tarts...shame thay can't se the sweet man over thare own shallow interest..

I think you have to worry about becoming too 'over confident'... what I mean is that, if every time you go to your inbox you see 20 new messages from guys you may start to treat men as 'disposable'. Which is just going to perpetuate you staying single, your never going to agree 100% with anyone. Guys have similar challenges with 'porn' or strippers. If a guy can afford to be with a hot chick every weekend, he will start to treat women as 'disposable'. This is the disposable future.

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@jbbisharajs The “Golden Rule” treat others the way you want to be treated. If you treat guys as if they are disposable don’t be surprised if you are treated that way.

There are 7 billion people out there, so the vast majority of ones you meet aren't going to be the right one for you. If you don't want some guy you barely know in your life, you have no obligation to keep him there. High standards are the best kind.

Dang,.. Wheres the love from supporters?? Anywhoo Im the same way Boo!! Lmao.. You know what i think it is..that feeling of not wanting to settle.. Also subconsciously a slight fear of getting hurt not to mention there are alot of men that dont really know how to court women anymore.. And that online dating dont help none.. Its robs you of a natural connection..there will never be anything like seeing how a man move in person..(Yess hunny) :) how he talks.. How charming he really is...(Umm hmm) Oh and how his physical appereance is lol lord knows you have guys online that sound all good,picture look alright but then when you meet up!!! This mf!! Missing a tooth! Hes balding! His clothes dont look right!! Lmao the mf probably look sketchy! Lol... I swear your heart sinks when that thing walks up lol..and then they have the nerve to paw all over you. All proud and pleased! Like "**** you beautiful" ... Smiling and ****.. Lol meanwhile your thinking... "Oh hell no",. Lmmfao!!! Ctfu! Idc how vain i sound right now to other ppl.. To hell with that!..Im keeping it real! I like what i like and im not gonna even entertain less then what i babe! Shouldn't neither!.. Ppl probably think.."oh she needs to be happy someones even looking at her with the bs shes dealing with"...Uh! No! My situation has not changed my taste in men or desire for what i believe i deserve! Now My advice to you Gorg is..Grab a friend, & try hanging out places that are Transgender friendly.. Try and meet ppl live and in person...or! If your online, do alot of face timing.. That might help.. :)

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@Journey79 I love your face time attitude…

I need advice please. I met this boy on tinder. We talked allll the time for a couple of weeks. Went on a date after that, spoke more for couple of weeks then in the space of a few days went on two more dates. They all went well except no kiss etc. after the most recent one he texted me etc but he seems more distant, and although it sounds stalkery, I checked his tinder and he's not in my matches anymore. Has he blocked/unmatched me? Why would he have done this? Or deleted account? Although on the date he got a tinder match which was awkward. What's happening :/

@ScaredandUnhappy I am currently going through the same thing. We used to talk a lot then after our third date he didn't text me so I texted him and he was a lot more distant. I also checked his tinder lol and it said he'd been on there a couple of days ago but we're still matched but maybe he was checking on me like I was on him and not looking for more matches. But what I realized is that we can't speculate what is going through their minds, we have to ask them to truly know what they are thinking or feeling. If we continue to assume we'll go crazy and it's easy to misinterpret Texts or actions on social media. So I think you should just ask him. And I will do the same!

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