Can anyone talk

ok so I am having major issues I just got outed on my eating disorder because of my best friend and now i have to go to doctors, go to a therapist, and all of this stuff. I just can't seem to get myself to want to feel better. I hate myself and it sucks, I try not to feel guilty for eating but I do and then I throw up. It sucks and I don't know what to do.

it's not easy. I've been depressed for a while.. and instead of wanting to eat, i lose my appetite. I think your body will come around, after a while. You can only go for such an amount of time, without eating. eventually, your body will say "hey, where is my food?"

what do you mean by "outed on eating disorder because of best friend" ?

I'm so glad your getting help with this. :) The best thing you can do right now is let it all out and try your best at working with your doctor and therapist. Just know that we're here for you and we all support you here ♥ Take care xoxo

The best thing to do when you are struggling is talk to a therapist and to have a list of people around you you can call when you are feeling bad. It is very difficult when the secret is out but you can do this! Be honnest with your therapist so that they can help you and don't isolate yourself. Hang in there and know we are all here for you! :)Nicole

I know treatment sucks. I know it does. But it really is all for the best in the end. My advice is to dive in, give it your fullest, and be patient. Trust. As difficult as it is, trust.