Can anyone tell me if this is a typical panic attack please?

Can anyone tell me if this is a typical panic attack please? After being asleep for an hour one night last week, I awoke & had a feeling like I was going to vomit. It got stronger & stronger, so I got up, went the the bathroom. The nausea stopped & then I became so dizzy I had to lay on the floor before I collapsed. I just lay there for a couple of minutes on the floor until it passed. It all stopped as suddenly as it appeared. I will mention it to my doctor, but I wanted the opinion of others that have had panic attacks please.

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It is different for everyone, I have a spinning head, pounding heart and my entire body feels very heavy and like im under a wet blanket.

It sounds like maybe something wasn't agreeing with your stomach, and once you threw up whatever it was you felt better. That happens to me sometimes. If you have a panic attack there's no doubt as to what it is.

Thanks for your replies. I didn't vomit in the end AnaLeigh. The sensation of needing to just disappeared when the dizziness kicked in. So first nausea, then that stopped, then dizziness took over. The whole episode stopped as mysteriously as it began. It was quite strange.

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