Can I tell you honestly how I feel? I feel like crap! I feel

Can I tell you honestly how I feel? I feel like crap! I feel like I'm not going anywhere with my life. I feel alone and unwanted and I feel like I'm dying inside I feel like I'm screaming and no one can hear me or even sees me. I want to be loved and I just feel hated. I just want someone to say I'm not worthless and that I mean something.

Hey, i know how u feel :( im feeling it right now:/ it sucks! The feeling of being unwanted eats me alive. Being unheard and unloved. I just posted that i feel so worthless and useless. Im so sorry ur feeling like this :/ is there anything that i can do to help?

Talking helps. I want to kill myself right now. I have 4 roommates and none of them seem to care about me. They all seem to have their own friends and I'm not one of them.


How can you make anything right in my life

I hear you. I feel like my life is going down the toilet. So many things going on that I can't control. It really sucks so I hear everything you say and unfortunately, I feel it too. Five years divorced and no one has ever asked me out. Friends have never once tried to set me up with anyone. Apparently I'm a loser. I try REALLY hard to separate my self worth from how people treat me. I'm trying to rewrite the story of my life so that this coming year is the story of the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the old life. Something new and wonderful. I read somewhere that instead of new year's resolutions - you should make a list of the life you want to have in the year or years to come. Envision what it is you want in your life -- what that would look like, what relationships would be there. Just think about that and maybe even start a Pinterest board where you put everything -- and then, according to this author, the universe will start sending things your way. Not sure I'm really a believer there but anything is better than feeling powerless and hopeless. Right?

This has been a huge struggle for me also. I had a very close friend and I desperately wanted to be a part of her larger group. I finally started getting invited to things and thought I was in. Then she started lying to me to avoid telling me I was no longer being invited. It hurts tremendously but I can't blame others for not liking me. My personality is obviously the issue. So as much as I prefer that friendship it is too painful to only be able to be her friend when no one else is around. So I have redirected my time towards others like myself who are unloved and less desirable. One has turned out to be very precious to me. Because I have truly cared for her she truly cares for me. It is nice to have her ask how I am and know she is waiting for the real answer. Do I still desire the other friendship? Absolutely but when I see the joy on this friends face or see her run to the door when she realizes itbis me, I know I am in the right place. In other words look for some one that needs love like you need love.

I am away at college error 101 but that's not what made me worthless I've been told by my dad and uncle that I am all my life. I don't have anyone anymore. My mom always disowns me and this year she did it again. Do you know what is like to be alone every Christmas? I do cause I am always alone. Thank you all for trying to make me feel better. I made it through the night so that's something.

@Bekahgirl can you watch videos on YouTube …This has helped me so much recently I watched the video called The Secret. (The free version ) It’s about positive reinforcement and changing how you think. It’s been really helpful for me. It might help?

Newnormal there are a lot of videos called the secret which is it?

@Bekahgirl it’s on Netflix ,the secret first 20 min is the only pure version I can see now. On YouTube. It gives you an idea. The full version is down. Law of attraction

Oh okay I'll have to look it up later then.

@Bekahgirl I just watched the 20 min version it’s pretty much all you need .It’s life changing . I was pills in hand suicidal and miserable. I remembered this video from years ago and went to watch it. I’ve been feeling more in control and happier ever since. Please watch it.

I'll try

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