Can someone please explain the different types of narcissist

Can someone please explain the different types of narcissist?

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The Classic/Overt Narcissist
The classic/overt narcissist is an egomaniac and a control freak.
The Inverted Narcissist
Although the inverted narcissist has grandiose fantasies and in many cases is often talented, these fantasies are rarely showcased in overt behaviour because the inverted narcissist is so full of self-doubt
The Cerebral Narcissist
The cerebral narcissist sees their self as being more intelligent and knowledgeable than anyone else, on any subject and they use their intelligence to attain narcissistic supply. They are always right, even when they are wrong and they hate it when they are wrong.
The Somatic Narcissist
Whereas the cerebral narcissist uses their intelligence to attain narcissistic supply, instead the somatic narcissist uses their body and so, if the are female, they become a nymphomaniac. If male, they become a satyr.
The Covert/Stealth /Closet Narcissist
The covert or stealth narcissist is the most dangerous of all forms of the personality disorder.
The Elite Narcissist
Elite narcissists are usually highly successful people who are more concerned with material assets, money, wealth and power, rather than true emotion.

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This might help.

same as my case. Married to a covert narcissist who is playing victim now.