Can someone PLEASE HELP ME, I'm having the worst case of HOC

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME, I'm having the worst case of HOCD, I'm getting these creppy dreams of me with another girl and things like that and I don't like it, what happens all the time is that I feel like it's false attraction I'm scared cause ALL MY LIFE I HAVE BEEN ATTRACTED TO MEN I used to be OBSESSED WITH MEN and sometimes I used to be scared because of my obsesstion but I secretly loved dreaming about them, this October I saw a picture of a girl on Instagram and I was like she's pretty and anxiety struck and it was like maybe your gay, if you gay you can never change, I miss being obsessed with men and now because of these thoughts I am not really attracted to them , but at the same time I still like looking at hot guys..... I seriously can't imagine being a lesbian I've never questioned my sexuality before only now,,,,, HELP ME PLEASE

hugs and support to you. I would read through the posts here in the group, this place has some pretty amazing, hard working folks here. Part of fighting the obsession part is making sure you don't give in to the compulsions. hugs to you. you can do this, stay strong!