Can this guy get any more ridiculous

The guy who's been on and off with his communication for over one year and who I spent a weekend away with came back around with a phone call yesterday. During this call we caught up on life, and he then proceeded to ask me to travel abroad with him. Really?!?!? No coffee, lunch, abroad for 2 weeks. I haven't seen him for 6 weeks during which time he's made no attempt to see me, he's only sent texts every once in a while.

Is this guy for real? I'm about to tell him how I really feel and going to close that door permanently. Life is too short and I'm too busy for these ridiculous distractions. Each and every time I get a text, it brings back all of my feelings for him. It's just a waste of time and precious energy at this stage.

Wow yeah. He sounds pretty selfish. You don't need that instability. If you're ready, cut him off once and for all. He sounded like more drama than anything else. Let me know how that goes...

xo, July

Cut him loose. He's stringing you along.

If he was really serious he would have made more of an effort with the relationship. Also, he would not have asked you to "just" accompany you on some trip. That just tells me that he sees you only for one thing.

I wish you better luck next time. There are plenty of great men out there. :)

Thank you both so much for your fantastic insight and advice. I have closed that door; I have no time for ridiculous distractions like him in my life. It's quite clear to me what this guy is about. I am looking ahead; there are a lot of good guys out there with good intentions; the right one will come along at the right time.

Wow! Puppy, you did right. But I am so sorry that happened. Some guys can be so ridiculously selfish at times and it's us women who end up baring the brunt for their behaviours.

I hope you feel great about what you did cos you should girl. Life is too short. And I think the more we progress along the dating life the more we learn to protect our hearts from the bad and release to the good.

Love to you hun
Moongal x

Thank you so very much Moongal! It really felt so good to slam the door shut. Funny enough, we've both just slammed doors on wrong guys...I love that. It wasn't easy but absolutely needed to be done otherwise he'd continue this ridiculous pattern.

Life is too short and too beautiful to live it with these silly distractions that torment our hearts. A man should add to your life and not take away from it.

Take it as a lesson learned and don’t look back! Good job, proud of you.

Thanks so much for your support July! Definitely NO looking back with this guy. Door's bolted shut and I'm only looking ahead. After getting out for a good challenging run with my guy friends, it made me realize that there are good solid guys out there...I am so happy with my friends that I don't have room for ridiculousness. The right guy will add to my life and not take away from it.